DataHand Professional II Ergonomic Keyboard

Professional II was DataHand Ergonomic keyboard to reduce Keying Stress

datahand professional


  • Reduces Finger Travel by 88%
  • Zero Hand MovementĀ 
  • Only 2.54 mm (0.1 inch) Reach for Keys
  • Built-In Fingertip-Controlled and Programmable Mouse
  • Eliminates Need to Visually Establish Home-Row Hand Position


  • Key Arrangement is Virtually Identical to Standard Keyboards (QWERTY Layout)
  • Zero Hand Movement and Reduced Finger Travel Increase Accuracy
  • Tactile Feedback from Keys
  • Fingers Remain on Home-Row Keys, Eliminating Alignment Errors


  • Cradles Hands in Natural Position
  • Supports Weight of Hands and Forearms
  • 50% Less Force to Activate Keys
  • 80% Less Repetitious than Any Other Keyboard on the Market
  • Greatly Reduces Fatigue Caused By Repetitive Movements, Hand Travel, and Key Strike Forces

Professional II Users Guide


Following image is a DataHand working station with data chair custom made for DataHand keyboard. Image from hereĀ 

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