DataHand Professional II Ergonomic Keyboard

UPDATE Oct/18/2015- We ( team) are thinking about setting up Buy/Sell section on our website where people could sell their used or new DataHand keyboards to other visitors. If you are interested place your comments and we will make a final decision after we see if there is enough interested parties.


Professional II was DataHand Ergonomic keyboard to reduce Keying Stress

datahand professional


The DataHand is an alternate keyboard device. “Keyboard” is really the wrong description since that would imply a board of keys. This does not properly describe the DataHand and I won’t try in this message. However, since many of the people who come into my office to take a look at it say “that looks weird”, I will describe it in the following way: Imagine that an alien from outer space came across one of our keyboards. What would he/she/it deduce about our physical appearance? I would suggest that humans would have a single arm coming out of the middle of our trunk, with somewhere around 13 antenna-like fingers all hinged in a straight line, and with the outer fingers fatter than the inner fingers (how else would you explain the wide shift, control and return keys?)! Weird indeed! Of course we know what we really look like, and it should be apparent to all that the current keyboard design is an abomination. No wonder so many typers are suffering from Repetitive Stress Injuries.

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So what does a DataHand look like? Again, I’m not going to try, but you will agree with me when you see one that it really does look like it was designed for the human hand. And, it feels that way.


  • Reduces Finger Travel by 88%
  • Zero Hand MovementĀ 
  • Only 2.54 mm (0.1 inch) Reach for Keys
  • Built-In Fingertip-Controlled and Programmable Mouse
  • Eliminates Need to Visually Establish Home-Row Hand Position


  • Key Arrangement is Virtually Identical to Standard Keyboards (QWERTY Layout)
  • Zero Hand Movement and Reduced Finger Travel Increase Accuracy
  • Tactile Feedback from Keys
  • Fingers Remain on Home-Row Keys, Eliminating Alignment Errors


  • Cradles Hands in Natural Position
  • Supports Weight of Hands and Forearms
  • 50% Less Force to Activate Keys
  • 80% Less Repetitious than Any Other Keyboard on the Market
  • Greatly Reduces Fatigue Caused By Repetitive Movements, Hand Travel, and Key Strike Forces

Professional II Users Guide


Following image is a DataHand working station with data chair custom made for DataHand keyboard. Image from hereĀ 


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