There are plenty of apps available to increase business success. Source: Pixabay

Advanced technology has altered the work habits of employees. What's more, it has changed the way they complete their daily tasks and manage their daily goals. However, the progress has also brought an increase in workloads which require multitasking. Eventually, effectiveness within the workplace has decreased. So, how exactly do entrepreneurs get the work done?

Fortunately, advanced technology has also made accomplishing routine tasks, keeping track of responsibilities, and managing time easier for entrepreneurs.

We should give credit to mobile productivity apps which are now available for everyone's use. If you want to know the right apps that will help ensure the success of your business this year, below is a list of the apps that are perfect for your goal.

PlanPlus Mobile

PlanPlus Mobile is perfect for organizing daily and master taks. Source: iTunes

Do you need to organize your own work? Or, does your team's work need organizing? PlanPlus Mobile is exactly what you are looking for as it's a personal productivity system that's highly compatible with Franklin Covey's methodology. The app comes with a CRM software so you can manage sales opportunities, customers, and marketing campaigns. Furthermore, it will give you a single place where you can keep track of your goal setting and tasks at the same time. The version, Essentials, comes with a mobile app that's free to download for Android and iOS devices. It also syncs with Google, Apple, and Outlook. As for paid versions, they start at $12 a month.


Through the Evernote mobile app and website, you can now create digital notebooks which you can use to manage your calendar, create slideshow presentations, plan your next trip, and keep track of your business' expenses. Whether it’s business or personal expenses, even those who consider themselves organized are having a hard time keeping track of every single receipt they receive. By creating a digital notebook with Evernote, you can screenshot your receipts as soon as you receive them. This will make it easier for you to locate your expenses in the near future.

Meeting Mapper

Are your meetings successful? Meeting Mapper, created by Point N Time, is an elegant and intuitive application for iPads which makes it easier to "map" and gather information that’s critical for a truly successful meeting.

The app is capable of tracking the stance and role of each participant in a particular meeting. It can also create next steps or action items, and schedule them automatically. The app costs $6.99 a month and is available at the app store.

Strategy Mapper

Strategy Mapper is an app that helps entrepreneurs with marketing and sales. Source: Dynomapper

Strategy Mapper is related to the Meeting Mapper app of Point N Time. It’s integrated with Salesforce, as well as optimized in order to be used as an entrepreneur's strategic weapon whenever a new sale is about to close. Strategy Mapper provides sellers with the much-needed framework to plan and execute marketing and selling activities. Furthermore, the app enables sales leaders to provide coaching to team members. What Strategy Mapper is excellent at doing is letting companies secure more opportunities and do it in a faster way. If you are an entrepreneur, you will find that it promotes a better relationship between you and your customers.