The episode was written a year ago. Source: News Week

“Family Guy”, the popular animated sitcom, that has been running for a number of seasons now, has never been shy of shaking off the boundaries of controversy. The show, in fact, has a documented history of stepping out and beyond the norm and the recent episode that aired on Sunday wasn’t any different. The episode saw the Griffin family head to Washington, D.C. where Peter was supposed to work in the Trump administration. The episode was titled “Trump Guy” and it took no mercy in cramming in as many Trump-related jokes as it could. It covered a whole lot of things. Everything from Russian collusion and as well as some of the sexual allegations that the president has been facing over the last few months.

Peter is appointed as the new White House Press Secretary and the episode starts off with the Griffin family packing to move from their home in Quahog. The rest of the family looks excited by the trip but Meg is not looking forward that much to it. When the family gets to Washington, a series of events transpire. There’s an event at the White House that features high profile guests including Roger Stone and some Russians. At some point, Peter eagerly entrusts his email log-in details to some of the Russians present which was very hilarious.

Showrunners believe the message could appeal to Trump supporters. Source: Breitbart

But things take a nice and exciting turn after Meg runs into Ivanka Trump in the kitchen. She’s recruited by Ivanka to help model her lifestyle line. Their friendship grows from there and later on Meg is introduced to Ivanka’s father. Meg is excited no doubt to meet the president but her excitement dies down when he assaults her. The president says that “every president since Washington has done it” so there’s no need to worry. Meg goes to her parents and talks to them about the Trump indiscretion. Peter and Lois dismiss her allegations until they see it themselves.

Peter gets into a fight with Trump even after promising before he would stay cool and maintain a calm demeanor during his time in Washington. The fight doesn’t end there though. It continues across the D.C. area until the two men find themselves on top of the Washington Monument. They go at each other and they both fall off from the top of the monument only to be rescued later by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Peter quits his job and the family returns to their home in Rhode Island.

The story is based on real events. Source: The Hook Site

Showrunners Rich Appel and Alec Sulkin say that this episode was actually written about a year and half ago. Although there’s a risk the episode could alienate some Trump fans from the show, the two argued that they believe the message will indeed appeal to some of Trump’s supporters too. It’s not like the story is faked in any way. It’s based on very real events most of which have already been covered in the mainstream media. The Trump presidency has been the subject of many jokes and sitcoms over the last few months though and this won’t be the last.