Amazon has confirmed that it’s partnering with Arcadia Power to sell “home efficiency bundles.” Source: The Business Investor

Amazon is now looking for a new and more efficient way to get into peoples’ homes. The e-commerce giant has confirmed that it’s partnering with Arcadia Power, a clean energy startup to sell “home efficiency bundles.” The bundles are a collection of devices that are designed to make homes more energy efficient such as smart thermostats, smart LED light bulbs, Smart TVs, Smart Outlets etc. Homeowners will also get access to additional Amazon devices including the Echo Dot and the Echo Show.

The packages will be integrated into Amazon’s Home Services offerings. Arcadia Power is a new startup in the energy niche that combines traditional utility providers in an effort to give customers the chance to save on energy or adopt green energy sources. The partnership with Amazon is part of a larger effort to integrate smart devices in energy conservation. There are studies already that show smart thermostats, for example, can help save energy and reduce monthly bills significantly.

Customers will pay a monthly fee for the bundles with no upfront cost and no installation charge. Source: CNBC

The bundles will come at a cost of course and customers will choose between two levels. However, you won’t be required to pay any upfront fees. Even the installation will be free of charge. There’s a monthly fee of $20 though for the Basic bundle. An advanced Plus bundle will cost $36 a month. The basic home efficiency bundle will include the Ecobee Smart Thermostat, smart LED bulbs, smart plugs with Wi-Fi, and an Echo Dot. On the other hand, the advanced Plus package will feature all the features of the basic package but homeowners will also get a Ring Doorbell.

Amazon has been trying over the last few years to expand its presence in homes through its Alexa devices. The company is marketing the idea of smart homes and it believes that the smart devices it offers can help towards this. In fact, Amazon unveiled a series of new smart devices last month including a voice activated microwave. The company also announced updates on its Alexa enabled Echo Dot in order to achieve more device connectivity at home.

Smart homes could offer many benefits such as energy efficiency, safety and security among others. Source: Arcadia Power

There’s definitely some value in this market. After all, as technology becomes more and more sophisticated, people will want to adopt new ways that make their lives easier. In addition to this, smart homes could offer many benefits such as energy efficiency, safety and security among others. Amazon has announced partnerships before with building contractors in an effort to bring more and more of its smart devices into homes for the future.

Nonetheless, there are still a few challenges that need to be taken care of and privacy is one of them. At a time when people are increasingly becoming aware of the privacy risks associated with modern technology, Amazon will have to convince people that there’s no risk of harm if they decide to adopt some of these smart solutions. The e-commerce giant is already trying to do that but there’s still room for improvement.