The event usually happens in September. Source: CNET

Apple is expected to release a series of new devices this year. The company normally does this in September and this tradition is expected to stay the same in 2019. Apple is expected to release three new models again. There’s definitely a lot to look forward to but the camera upgrade is probably one of the standout features. Apple is expected to include a triple-lens system in the new devices.

As usual, the launch event will draw massive attention from the media, consumers, and even Wall Street investors. Apple has been grappling with declining device sales in recent months. A lot of people are also taking longer to replace their phones. As a result, newer models are getting a hard time appealing to consumers. In its January earnings report, the company confirmed that overall device sales revenue from the holiday quarter had dropped by 15% compared to the same time the previous year.

The camera upgrade is probably one of the standout features. Source: Tribune

Despite the drop, iPhone sales still remain Apple’s biggest source of revenue. Although the company has managed to expand service revenues to slightly over $10 billion, it’s still significantly lower than what it makes on device sales. The challenge though is to launch something exciting enough to attract consumers. Many people feel that, while iPhone prices have increased, features in new devices haven’t been that different from older models. This has made it harder for smartphone companies to sell new phones.

Companies like Samsung and Huawei have already excited their consumer base with new foldable devices. Many fans are hoping that Apple can pull a rabbit out of the hat and create a good impression with its new devices. If it fails, the American company could be looking at another year of slow sales.

There are a few things that we already know about the new devices. First, let’s start with the obvious. Apple could launch three new devices at one go. This will follow a pattern that the company started in 2017 when it debuted the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X. We are also looking forward to a new triple-lens camera system on these new phones. This will essentially give iPhones three cameras on the back. The concept has already been debuted by Samsung and Huawei. However, it’s very likely that it will only be available on the high-end device that will succeed the iPhone XS Max.

Apple has been grappling with declining device sales recently. Source: CNET

We don’t expect the display size to change though. Unlike last year where a cheaper iPhone version came with an LCD screen, this year all new releases will have OLED displays. Apple is also expected to offer a better Face ID Camera. The upgrade is designed to “lower the impact of invisible lights” on the user’s environment. There’s also a plan to introduce the more sophisticated 3D camera on Face ID but this is not expected to happen until 2020. Some reports are indicating that the company may allow different chargers for its new devices. For a long time, only proprietary chargers designed by Apple could work with iPhones. This could change this year.