Apple admitted to slowing down older iPhone models. Source: CBC

Apple has admitted that it has actually been slowing down older iPhone models. This is something that many users have long suspected and it seems that they have been right all this time. The smartphone giant released a statement on Thursday in a bid to offer a reasonable explanation to its customers. Apple noted that it has previously used software updates to slow down and limit the performance of old iPhone models.

The company noted that the updates largely targeted models with battery issues. Apple said that the measures were designed to prevent the phones from turning off suddenly. It’s very difficult to see how angry customers and tech analysts would buy this argument. Many users have always felt that the intentional slowdown of older iPhones is simply designed to make customers buy the newer models.

But Apple insists that this was never the intention. The company argues that the performance of the lithium-ion battery degrades over time. This can make the phones suddenly shut down. The American smartphone maker maintained that the limited performance was simply in the best interest of iPhone users.

Apple said their intention was never to get people to buy newer models. Source: Daily Mail

The company also added that the phones that were largely targeted include the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 7, and the iPhone SE. In all these phones, software updates were used to deal with peak power demands. Despite Apple’s good intentions, the updates have seriously slowed down these models and have really affected user experience.

Apple also made it clear that it will continue to do this for future iPhone models too. The company added that its goal is to deliver an exemplary user experience for its phone users as well as prolong the lifespan of the phones. However, many people are questioning whether slowing down the phones is the best way to achieve this.

Reports are emerging that a class action suit has been filed against Apple. Source: CNET

Apple’s admission has sparked an outcry among users and fans online. For instance, Twitter user Jeff Zenisek comically expressed his disappointment with the company. He said that since Apple has admitted to slowing down older phone models, he is admitting that he won’t buy an iPhone in the future.

But the reaction did not end there. Reports are emerging that a class action suit has been filed against Apple. The California suit is accusing Apple of slowing down old models without user’s consent. The plaintiffs argue that this intentional performance limitation has caused them economic damages. Therefore, they want to be compensated.

Apple has not responded to the lawsuit yet but we expect that it will in the coming days. It’s also not clear whether this revelation will affect iPhone sales. Even though Apple is trying to explain why it slows down the phones, many users are still not convinced. It’s going to be a PR nightmare for the American tech giant and the filed lawsuit will not make things easier. We also don’t know whether the public outcry will convince the company to change its mind on this issue.