This could make a serious impact on the Chinese market. Source: Value Walk

One of the rumors that have been going around regarding the upcoming iPhones has been the dual-SIM support. Many analysts think that the new devices will include support for two SIM cards, and a number of leaks that we have seen suggest that this is exactly what Apple is planning to do. An image that was posted on the China Mobile Facebook page claims to be that of the new iPhones. We can’t authenticate the image but it does look like an upgrade to the iPhone X. More importantly, the image shows that the device has dual SIM cards.

Apple will reveal three new devices tomorrow. In addition to this, we have also seen a new ad which shows an iPhone with two SIM cards. The ad has the text “New iPhones coming soon, dual-SIM I’ve been waiting for you.”

Clever ads like these are being shown in China. Source: Inverse

However, we noticed that the device model on the China Telecom ad isn’t the same as the one that China Mobile posted on its website. This could be because maybe Apple will have two or more devices that support dual SIM cards. We may also be looking at an inaccurate ad. However, based on the hype that dual-SIM support has generated on the run-up to the launch of the new iPhone models, we strongly believe that there’s some truth in these images.

This would the first time that Apple will be offering dual-SIM support in the iPhone. This feature has been present on its rivals’ devices for many years now and many experts believe that dual SIM cards could help the American company expand its reach beyond the US market. In China, for instance, dual SIM is a big feature for many smartphone users. Apple has been trying to break into the Chinese market for years now with very minimal success. Offering a dual-SIM feature could help the company attract more buyers in Asia.

If accurate, this could be a huge breakthrough for the iPhone in the Chinese market. Source: Mac Rumors

The leaks so far have not been confirmed but they do appear to be coming from legitimate sources. Teasing the idea of a dual-SIM support is a good way to generate some buzz before the iPhones are revealed on Wednesday. But even then, the leaks could also be based on speculation just like all the rumors we have seen so far. However, to further support the possibility of dual-SIM iPhones, the iOS 12 beta code leaked online includes this new feature.

Also, there’s speculation that the iPhone X Plus which will feature a 6.5 inch-OLED display is the more likely to have two SIM cards. And when you consider that the current image leaks have come from big Chinese carriers, it’s very likely that China will be the target market. Apple is hoping that the new features will help it eat back some market share in China. The market there has been dominated largely by local smartphone makers such as Huawei. But until the iPhones’ launch on Wednesday, we won’t know for sure.