As of today, the fast food industry is valued at $238 billion. However, in the calculation of the best fast food chains in the country, you’d think that traditional players like McDonald’s, Taco Bell or KFC are the go to places. But in fact, they don’t even crack the top 25. 

Well, here is the lost of the top ten fast food chains in the US:

1. In-N-Out Burger

Source: Serious Eats

In-N-Out Burger is headquartered in Irvine California with 325 restaurants across the country. Customer satisfaction is ranked 1 (the highest possible ranking) with value also ranked 1 which is also the highest possible ranking. It’s no surprise that the chain has annual revenues of $807 million.

2. Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers has 306 outlets across the country. The chain is headquartered in the city of Baton Rouge Louisiana and while it doesn’t have a value or customer satisfaction rating of 1, it does better than other players, ranking 3 and 5 respectively. The chain ranked in $741 million in yearly revenue across the country last year.

3. Chick-fil-A

This is one of the largest fast food chains in the list with revenues hitting $6.7 billion in 2016. Chick-fil-A does a good job of delivering for its clientele. The chain had a customer satisfaction rating of 2 and a value rank of 3. It has 2062 locations across the country.

4. Whataburger

Whataburger was founded in the 1950s and ever since, it has grown to become one of the leaders in the fast food business. Based in San Antonio Texas, Whataburger has 806 locations across the country with total revenue of $2.2 billion dollars. Customer satisfaction rank stands at 17 while value rank is at 11.

5. Krispy Kreme

Source: Keywordsuggests

Krispy Kreme has 307 locations in the US with a customer satisfaction rating of 6. The chain is based in Winston Salem in North Carolina and its revenue for 2016 stood at $758 million. The doughnuts are amazing.

6. Pollo Campero

Pollo Campero is a relatively small chain but it still makes the list for the good food and customer satisfaction. The restaurant operates 68 outlets from its headquarters in Dallas and its revenues for 2016 stood at $111 million. Value rank is at 4 with customer satisfaction remaining at 13.

7. Papa Murphy's Pizza

The Washington based Papa Murphy's Pizza operates 1,337 locations in the US and makes it to the list due to a customer satisfaction rank of 7 and a value rank of 2. Revenues in 2016 rose to $885 million.

8. Jason's Deli

Jason's Deli operates 260 restaurants in the US and its revenue for 2016 was $704 million. It ranked a 9 in customer satisfaction and a 12 in value. However, it’s still a top-rated restaurant in the country.

9. Culver's

Culver's is known for its burgers and while you’d spend a little more in the restaurant than average, it’s often worth it. The chain ranked $1.2 billion in revenue last year and operates 605 locations in the country.

10. Jersey Mike's Subs

Source: Business Insider

Jersey Mike's Subs closes our top ten list. The chain operates from Manasquan NJ with 1,187 locations across the country. Customer satisfaction rank stood at 11 with value ranking at 41. Revenues for 2016 hit $825 million.