Fruits and vegetables have many benefits. Source: Sara Peternell

Cleanses and detoxes are very appealing for many people who want to eat healthy. They are meant to dial down on your body’s cravings for sweets and other processed foods. However, there are many situations where detox leaves you feeling hungrier, sluggish, and distracted by the regular thought of food. In some cases, cleansing may also lead to issues like constipation and bloating. But there are a number of tricks that you can use to reboot your diet without experiencing any of these side effects.

Go Green

One easy way to reboot your diet is to think about the intake of vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables have many benefits. They provide fiber, vitamins, and minerals to your body. Various studies have shown that the consumption of fruits and vegetables among US citizens is nowhere near the recommended amount.

Almost 90% of Americans fall short of the recommended vegetable intake. Improving your vegetable intake is not that hard. You can start by adding a slice of strawberry in your oatmeal for breakfast and fill at least half of your dinner plate with steamed vegetables. In addition to this, you may also want to eat your greens instead of making juices. Chewing your food has more benefits than sipping juice.

Americans are consuming sugar way above the recommended daily intake. Source: Reader’s Digest

Cut Added Sweeteners

Americans are consuming sugar way above the recommended daily intake. Studies show that on average Americans consume close to 20 teaspoons of sugar per day. Health experts recommend that this intake should be reduced to only 6 teaspoons for a healthy living. This is the equivalent of 25 grams per day. Avoid things like sodas, ice-creams, cookies, and baked goods too. In their place, try to appreciate sweet fruits.

Pay Attention to Your Gut

Many people consider cleanses and detoxes as ideal solutions to reset their gastrointestinal system. However, there’s no evidence to show that detoxing improves the GI system. Instead of trying too hard to flush toxins out of your system, maybe you should focus on improving your overall gut health. A healthy gut can have many great positive effects on the overall health. Doctors recommend the three Ps when it comes to improving gut health - pears, pulses, and prunes.

Cut Down on Alcohol

You may also need to cut your alcohol intake to detox your system. Source: Rochdale

You may also need to cut your alcohol intake to detox your system. Alcohol makes it more likely for you to reach out for unhealthy foods, and you cannot afford this during your detox process. You can start drinking again once the detox is complete but it will be best to check your intake too.

Eat Hydrating Foods

The human body is 60% water. Your body must always be properly hydrated throughout each day. That’s why you should eat foods that contain water such as fruits and vegetables. Drink the recommended water intake too. Other low-calorie beverages like tea may also be ideal in maintaining proper hydration in the body. Try to also minimize snacking as much as you can. A small exercise routine may also help you to detox.