Bing chatbot upgrade features

Microsoft recently announced a major upgrade for Bing Chatbot, its AI-powered chatbot designed to help users find answers to their questions quickly and accurately. They include image and video results, restaurant bookings, chat history, and smarter Microsoft Edge integration.

The new features are now available for the public to try, after previously being in private preview. Check them out!

Actions feature

One of the most notable features added is Actions, which allows Bing AI to complete tasks for users without needing to switch between sites. With the Actions feature, Bing Chatbot can help users with various tasks, such as making restaurant reservations or checking the weather forecast.

Image and video search

In addition, Bing Chat now supports image and video search results, with Bing Image Creator expanding to over 100 languages. This feature allows users to easily find and share images and videos without searching through multiple sites.

Chat history and plug-in support

Bing Chat now supports chat history across devices, and users can share conversations on social media platforms or export them into Word documents. The update also offers plug-in support, and Microsoft is working with OpenTable for its Bing Actions reservations feature, Wolfram Alpha for visualizations, and OpenAI to allow developers to plug into Bing Chat.

Microsoft is reinventing search

With these new features, Microsoft plans to reinvent search and advance opportunities for developers. The upgrade comes as Google's I/O developer conference approaches, where Google is expected to announce more details regarding its AI efforts in search.

Microsoft's upgrade to Bing Chatbot shows the company's continued efforts to improve the user experience and compete with other search engines like Google. The added features, such as Actions and image/video search, make Bing Chat more convenient and user-friendly.