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In Brazil's thriving startup ecosystem, certain sectors shine for their variety and the strength of emerging companies. Among these, the foodservice market stands out, with some startups showing great innovation potential.

Here, you will find a list of 5 Brazilian startups in the foodservice sector that should not go unnoticed. Read on for the details.

1. Goomer

Goomer offers a comprehensive solution that optimizes restaurant operations, giving small and medium-sized establishments the tools to thrive. Founded in 2014 to help restaurants navigate the challenges of the food industry, Goomer's integrative app enables restaurants to implement smart menus, streamlining management and enhancing the customer experience. The user-friendly platform has garnered high client satisfaction, reducing wait times and improving service efficiency.

2. Hubzy

Launched in 2019, Hubzy started as a platform to solve daily restaurant challenges. Their system provides restaurants with a digital menu, order management, a waiter app, and more. Integrated with delivery apps and social media, Hubzy simplifies online orders. With its intuitive interface, Hubzy offers solutions for restaurant owners, spanning marketing to management.

3. Saipos

Saipos' client management system is built on simplicity, agility, and intelligence. Designed to optimize processes for food businesses, Saipos can be tailored for restaurants, delivery services, and franchises. Alongside management reports, Saipos offers financial and stock control, tax coupons, QR Code digital menus, and order centralization. Integrated with logistics and delivery applications, Saipos provides specialized systems for different areas of the foodservice market.

4. NetFoods

NetFoods is focused on connecting restaurant owners to their suppliers by simplifying stock replacement. The solution proposed is clear: solve the supply problems every restaurant faces – lack of products, delays, etc.

This startup company promises to transform the foodtech sector with quality suppliers and guaranteed access to great brands available in Brazil 24/7. Founded in 2016, NetFoods centralizes all negotiations in one platform, providing alternative and safe payment methods.

5. Cayena

Cayena is a startup company from Brazil that intends to become an icon in B2B foodservice throughout Latin America. Its product is a marketplace that connects suppliers to buyers and has had significant investment since its foundation in 2019.

Their technological solution offers a complete catalog with more than 100 qualified suppliers, a 24-hour deadline to deliver, and online support with humans.

The foodservice industry in Brazil has been on the rise and offers great opportunities for investors. These five foodtech startups showcase the unique possibilities when technology, problem-solving, and Brazilian entrepreneurship converge.