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Human Resources companies: these startups have been thriving in Brazil in the last few years. With technological solutions for Human Resources, these businesses deserve special attention. Among other reasons, they showcase innovative results that could become concrete opportunities for interested investors.

Read this complete article and discover 5 Human Resources Brazilian startup companies standing out in the national – and international – market.

1. Coalize

Coalize is an online platform for Human Resources entrepreneurs and professionals to manage people and benefits inside their companies in the best possible way.

Founded in 2018, it aims to bring positive and lasting transformations in businesses of all sizes and sectors. By simplifying and automating processes, Coalize elevates results and fosters improved relationships between employers and employees.

Coalize's digital HR solutions gathered all in the same platform spark optimism for the future of client businesses: the company offers assistance in hiring, sending documents for contracts, dismissal, time bank and payroll control, vacation and license control, and benefits management.

2. Pipefy

Pipefy is a process management platform that aims to centralize the manager's work with organization and control in one place. Its main objective is for managers to automate and optimize any process, making their work more efficient.

It was created in 2015 and has offered a variety of workflows, efficient shopping processes, and HR service delivery with artificial intelligence since then.

3. Flash

With a straightforward motto, Flash proposes: "Make your routine simpler." It offers a complete solution for Human Resources by managing benefits, people, and expenses.

The company has recently incorporated another startup focused on controlling workers' hours and time spent, which complements other functions of people management already provided by it since its creation in 2018, such as admission, training, development, engagement, and dismissal.

4. Escala

The startup's primary focus is already evident from its name: "Escala" means "schedule" in Brazilian Portuguese. The company offers technological solutions for other companies to organize their work schedules, leading to optimal results and scalability for the business.

Escala's mission is to be simple to use, uncomplicated, and completely digital. The solutions presented by the company, founded in 2015, promise to avoid all the negative consequences of a disorganized company.

5. Medei

Specializing in offboarding, Medei presents many innovative solutions. Its main products are a humanized dismissal process and 100% digital dismissal validation. Plus, it offers cloud file management, full support for former employees, and legal validation of digital procedures.

It was founded in 2011 and calls itself "an HRtech with a humane approach", presenting itself in the market as a balanced HR solution that mixes innovative technology with a thoughtful and supportive concept.

These examples show that Human Resources is a sector that has firmly kept up with technological solutions that make companies work more efficiently and profitably, including in Brazil. See why they are worth your attention?