You don't need a lot of startup cash to successfully get your business idea off the ground. Many business ideas can grow through bootstrapping. Are you seriously looking for a new source of income without having to put in a large investment upfront? If you answered yes, then keep on reading below as we have listed seven business ideas that you can start today for free.

7. Blogging

Blogging is a great way to start your own business with little money. Source: Financial Samurai

Many entertainment and business sites are looking for people who will write for them. Be a blogger for hire, so you'll earn freelance money in the process. An even better idea is to start your very own blog. Make sure you attract traffic with the articles that you write. You can then start monetizing the site so it'll turn into an actual profitable business. 

6. Freelance Writer

It’s not a surprise that being a freelance writer has made it into our list of businesses that you can start without any money. With content marketing's rise, online writers have become more and more in demand.

To give your career a kickstart, set up a good profile on some of the most popular freelance websites such as Freelancer or Upwork. This will allow you to build your portfolio. If possible, have your own website as clients would want to see all your work in one place.

5. Translation

If you speak Chinese, Arabic, French, Spanish, or any other major language, you'll be able to get gigs translating materials like business documents. There’s even work for obscure languages. You can charge for the rare skill that you possess, which would be around $20 to $60 an hour depending on the requested language.

4. Online Researching

If you love researching, becoming an online researcher could be your ideal job. Source: Higher Visibility

Did you always get good grades in school because of your research reports? That’s all the qualification you'll need to become an in-demand online researcher. Many organizations are currently in need for statistics, which they use for infographics and whitepapers. You'll be the go-to person whenever they need to find information that's essential for completing their work. With this idea, you won't be required to write. You just need to supply the data that you've collected.

3. Online Retailer

An online retailer has become a popular profession because online selling has been made easier by the number of websites that are more than willing to guide you through the entire process. If there’s something that you would like to sell, set up an account online with your local post office as that will make mailing easy for you. There are many e-commerce platforms where you can sell like Shopify, Weebly, Wix, and BigCommerce.

2. Virtual Assistant Work

Virtual assistants are becoming more popular. Source: Wise Geek

Businesses need some administrative tasks to be taken care of including providing customer service, balancing the books, issuing invoices, and monitoring emails. Today, you can do all these things online. If you work as a virtual assistant, you can work for one company or split your working hours between several businesses.

1. Sales Consulting

Do you know what exactly makes people tick? If you do and you can use that information to land a sale, there are a lot of businesses that are in need of your help. Represent companies that are selling services or products. Once you make a sale, you'll earn money through commission.