Everyone needs and deserves a vacation. Even if you are tight with your finances, there are still ways you can experience what the world has to offer. Many countries all over the world are cheap to travel to. What's even better is that the US dollar is strong in these places. This means that your meager getaway budget can stretch farther than it could at home.

We have listed below the top 15 travel destinations perfect for budget travelers:

15. Vietnam

Vietnam is inexpensive and beautiful. Source: Peregrine Adventures

Undeveloped and unspoiled, Vietnam is a favorite among budget travelers. This beautiful country is not just cheap to get to but it also is full of lush, green mountainscapes. 

14. Cambodia

Beds in Cambodia start as low as $3 per night. Source: Intrepid Travel

With beds for only $3 a night and lip-smacking food that costs much less than that, Cambodia is among the cheapest places where you can have a holiday that would make you feel guilty that you've paid so little.

13. India

The cost of living in India is incredibly low. Source: CIARB

A shopping spree in the designer shops in Mumbai will cost you just about the same as it would if you were in Dubai. However, India's cost of living remains ridiculously low.

12. Hungary

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a must-see. Source: Erasmus

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a must-see for anyone who's on a European tour. It’s not exactly a cheap holiday destination, but you will still be left with plenty of cash on your wallet even after indulging in delicious cakes, getting refreshed on hard liquor, and sweating it out on world-renowned thermal spas.

11. Bulgaria

Visit Nesebar to tour the Black Sea Coast on a budget. Source: National Car

Do you want to be near the sea, bathe in the sun, and save some money at the same time? Bulgaria's Nesebar is a great spot if you want to tour the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast on a budget. 

10. Honduras

Honduras is amazing for a cheap vacation in Central America. Source: Lonely Island

There's Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Belize, but check out Honduras if you really want a bargain-basement cheap vacation in Central America. If you decide to visit this place, you'll discover white-sand beaches and mega cheap accommodations.

9. Argentina

Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world and surprisingly affordable. Source: Metro

From the vast jungles in La Pampa to Andes' rugged mountains, there’s plenty to see in Argentina, the eighth largest country in the world.

8. Ireland

Flights to Ireland have dropped in price over the years. Source: Ireland

Flight prices to the country have tumbled for years, which means getting to Dublin is cheaper than you think! A bed in Generator Hostel will only cost you $15 a night.

7. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is perfect for the budget-minded photographer. Source: TripAdvisor

Are you looking for a picture-perfect paradise that you can get to on a low budget? Sri Lanka is what you are looking for as it has gossamer-fine sands, tea plantations, waterfalls, cloud-wrapped mountains, and palm trees that are wafting in the constant breeze.

6. Dominican Republic

If you’re thrifty, you can spend $40 a day on travel, food, and a place to sleep in the Dominican Republic. Source: West Jet

The Dominican Republic will work out to be a great value destination for your next holiday as $40 will cover your entire day's travel, food, and accommodation if you are thrifty. 

5. Greece

Due to Greece’s economic difficulties, getting there has become more affordable. Source: The Secret Greece

Due to the economic difficulties, the cost of traveling to and in Greece has been reduced significantly in the last few years.

4. Ecuador

In Ecuador, you can buy a week’s worth of groceries for $10. Source: Remezcla

Ecuador is an affordable and easy destination for budget travelers especially if they stay off the already beaten path. Shopping at the local market will get you groceries that'll last a week for only $10.

3. Barcelona

Barcelona has a ton of free attractions. Source: Eurail (https://www.eurail.com/en/europe-by-train/routes/barcelona-to-gij%C3%B3n-train)

Barcelona is a popular European city but it's affordable compared to London and Paris all thanks to the endless free attractions and low-cost tapas.

2. Las Vegas

Surprisingly, Las Vegas can be very affordable. Source: Independent

If you manage to avoid the slots, then you can have a budget holiday in Las Vegas. There are many things you can do that won't cost you a single dime like visiting the flamingo habitat in The Flamingo. 

1. Bali

Bali is an exotic place that’s very affordable. Source: Be Unsettled

If you are looking to embark on an exotic trip, Bali offers tons fun experiences for a very low price!