Cobre Fácil is a brazilian startup that offers a number of financial solutions aimed at small to medium businesses and entrepreneurs, mainly related to invoice generation and receiving payments. Recently, they took the next step into making their system even more accessible and versatile – the release of their API.

Previously, Cobre Fácil focused on offering a simpler way for small businesses and entrepreneurs to generate invoices and receive payments, but they also offer a variety of tools and resources to encourage responsible financial management. Their goal, as they describe it, is to make sure their clients grow by facilitating financial tasks and ensuring healthy finances across the board.

And they have been successful at it too. Since inception, they have consistently grown a satisfied user-base and national recognition for a service that’s on high demand – given how so many small to mid-range businesses struggle to find a simple and reliable way to receive payments and manage their finances for a good price. But the devs had a barrier to overcome: what if their clients wanted to integrate these financial tools into another system?

Previously, this meant that clients had to manage things separately – one system for whatever management software they were already using, and Cobre Fácil’s system for their finances. Clients who were looking to organize their finances always got exactly what they were looking for, but in the cases where clients wanted to integrate their finances to an already existing management system, it wasn’t possible.

Until now.

Early this May, the devs at Cobre Fácil proudly announced the release of their API. The API essentially solves the problem mentioned above, but also opens up their system to a huge number of possibilities. Here’s how this changes everything:

An API (short for Application Programming Interface) is used to allow other apps and third-party applications to communicate with Cobre Fácil’s financial services, which greatly increases the flexibility of their system. In short, it means their clients can integrate the financial services they already know and love into other applications in order to centralize all their resources.

In practice, this means that someone who already uses a management system they’re used to won’t have to manage finances separately – they can now use the API to integrate Cobre Fácil’s services into it and manage their finances from the same place. The devs reassure clients that they can make this transition easier with their undivided support.

Cobre Fácil promises the API integration was made “from dev to dev” – the goal was to make integration as seamless as possible to grow their clients’ businesses through financial control. And given how so many IT startups hire their services, it was important to make sure they were speaking the same language as their clients. This makes communication between client and developer much easier from the get-go, and now with the API becoming an option, their clients can enjoy a much more flexible system that adapts to their needs.

But that’s not all. By adopting the API, the devs remark on a number of benefits that comes with the package, such as: invoice generation, automatic discount and interest tweaking, payment notifications via webhook, software development kit, full developer support, and more. They greatly encourage clients to take full advantage of the API, since this integration will result in a much smoother and unified system to manage their business.

All of this comes from Cobre Fácil’s original goal: to make finances easier for small businesses. With the API, clients now have a system that better suits the scope of what they need. If all they need is a system to receive payments, it’s super easy. But if they need to integrate that within a larger system that allows for more comprehensive management, they can have that too – and it’s now easier than ever.