The drink is one of the most popular beverages around the world. Source: Finder

It’s no secret that beer is one of the most popular beverages around the world. The global beer industry is worth over $750 billion. But have you ever wondered how much a pint costs in various parts of the world. Data from the Wall Street Journal may actually be able to tell us. We crunched the numbers too and came up with the dollar amount you will need for a pint, which we defined as 11.2 oz. Here’s the full breakdown.

North America

The cost of a pint of beer varies a lot from one city to another. We have included the top 8 cities in the region where you will pay more for a pint than anywhere else. New York and Miami lead the way. A pint of beer in these two cities will cost you $8.97. In San Francisco, you will pay $6.48 while people in Boston pay $5.98. Chicago follows with an average cost of $5.76 as Toronto, Los Angeles, and Mexico City finish up the top 8. Mexico City has the lowest average cost in this list though. A pint of beer in the Mexican capital will cost you just $3.03.

Hong Kong has one of the most expensive pint of beer. Source: ABC

Global Cities with the Most Expensive Beer

Other than North America, there are other places in the world too where the cost of a pint is quite high. We looked at the data and completed the top five list here below.

Hong Kong, China - A pint in the city goes for $10.86
Geneva, Switzerland - You will need to part with $10.77 for a pint in the city
Tel Aviv, Israel - A pint in the Israeli capital will set you back $9.53
New York, USA - New York leads the North American region but comes fourth in the world with $8.97
Miami, USA - The price is similar to that in New York and the two US cities share the fourth spot at $8.97

Where Can You Get the Cheapest Beer?

Well, if you are interested in the cheapest pint in the world, then you can stop by the following five cities.

Bratislava, Slovakia - A pint of beer in the city costs $2.22
Delhi, India - The Indian capital comes second in the list with an average cost of $2.31
Kiev, Ukraine - Another Eastern European city features in the top five with an average cost of $2.36
Ho Chi Minh City - You will need $2.58 for a pint in this Vietnamese city
Kraków in Poland wraps up the list with an average cost of $2.70

Poland has the cheapest pint of beer. Source: Krakow Tours

In addition to this, we also looked at the amount of beer consumed per capita. This looks at the amount of beer consumed in each city. In general, people in European and North American cities consume more beer than any other regions in the world. We also noticed that cities with high priced pints had lower consumption levels. Nonetheless, beer prices differ a lot depending on where you buy. In Norway, for example, the most expensive supermarket beer goes for little over $3. This is quite low compared to the average price in bars.