A new game lets you ride a little crypto car along the fluctuating prices. Source: Android Tutorial

The cryptocurrency world has been so strange recently. There’s so much to report but the headlines seem to be clogged with the massive volatility associated with digital currencies. There was a time not long ago when Bitcoin had risen to $20,000, and then it came tumbling down a few days later to less than half of that value. Nonetheless, it’s still way higher than the $1,000 recorded barely a few months ago.

It’s because of this kind of volatility that many economists are warning of the risks associated with Bitcoin and other digital currencies. For any crypto investor, these ups and downs can be exhilarating. However, a new game created to humorously reflect the volatility of digital currencies allows you to ride a little crypto car along the wildly fluctuating cryptocurrency prices.

Bitcoin Rider is a bit ridiculous but very creative. Source: Game Geek

So, let me explain in the most basic terms how this works. Look at the Bitcoin price chart for the last 12 months. So many ups and downs, right? The crypto car rides through these ups and downs. It’s quite a ridiculous game but once you start playing you start to appreciate its creativity. The game is called Crypto Rider. You start by picking a car from the options provided. Once you pick a car, you will then select a chart you want to ride. The charts represent the value of a coin from its humble start towards its highest ever value.

There’s also a “total market cap” track that looks like a huge mountain. The game’s creators have included what they are calling a “drag race.” In this race, you will be required to clear up a valuation gap. There’s one depressing track for Bitcoin holders though which represents Bitcoin’s epic fall from the highs of $20,000 to the current $8,100 value. The game will be updated with new tracks based on how different digital currencies fall and rise in the market.

You can unlock new cars or add upgrades to your current car. Source: CNET

As you navigate through the track, there’s an option to pick up coins along the way. The coins help you unlock new cars or to add an exhaust to the car that you already have. Game creator Daniel Fahey says that this was a side project he decided to take on during his free time. According to Fahey, the initial plan was to have just 10 tracks but based on the positive reception that the game has received so far, he is considering adding more. You can download and play the game for free.

The game is a simple and fun way of presenting the reality of digital currencies and their tribulations as they try to overthrow the financial system. Fahey says that the game is actually designed to be funny. Although it’s themed-based on a very serious concept, the goal is to make people have a laugh playing wherever they are. There’s no doubt that many digital currency investors and enthusiasts have had quite a ride over the last few years. Game Rider tries to encapsulate this bumpy journey in a fun way.