Daddy duty is something that comes once a while, and it presents the chance to spend some quality time with the kids! Of course dad will be all like “Don’t worry baby, everything is going to be fine” when mom goes out. That is, until they find a way to fool around and perform what we like to call the famous “dad jokes”!

1. The Two Kiwis Phenomenon

Dad was grabing a snack and found a funny comparison. Source: Boredpanda

Looks like someone was bored and we aren’t talking about the kid! However, this is so hilarious that even as a mom, if you walked into this little scene, you’d just laugh.

2. Time To Get Ready For School

We have to admit that’s a pretty unique style. Source: Boredpanda

Daddy here just proved he shouldn’t be in charge of getting the kids ready for school. 

3. Time For The Big Game

Mom’s probably not happy about this one. Source: Boredpanda

So, the big game is about to start and the little angel can’t seem to sit and watch. Well, isn’t this daddy’s solution just super creative?

4. The Perfect Ponytail

Dad hacks are so practical. Source: Boredpanda

Remember how you used to take your time with your little girl’s ponytail? Dad here found a quicker way with his amazing invention.

5. Want A Swing? No Problem!

Creative solutions for a rainy day. Source: Boredpanda

There’s this theory which says dads don’t know how to deny something to their kids. Guess that’s all you need to understand this image, right?

6. Time To Get Out The Art Gear

This kid is just the best! Source: Boredpanda 

This kid’s mom probably wasn’t happy at first, but the more you look at it, the funnier it gets!

7. When Mum Says The Kids Must Stay In Bed

Were these little boys grounded? Source: Boredpanda 

Did you say that the kids should stay in bed? Whops!

8. Which one is the baby again?

Poor baby has no idea what’s happening. Source: Boredpanda 

This mom brought home a label maker to organize the baby stuff and dad thought it was pretty helpful. He can now identify which one’s the baby!

9. When just watching your kid isn't enough

Let’s play outside. Source: Boredpanda 

Sometimes just watching your kid isn't enough to make you feel secure. This dad decided to try keeping tabs of his kid even from far away.

10. Sometimes It Gets Tough

Is it possible to rest and babysit at the same time? This dad knows how! Source: Boredpanda 

For this lovely dad, it was just tough. This man’s solution to rest a little seems to show the day alone with the kid must have been tough.