Olympic athletes train for years and consciously make healthy diet decisions every day. Aside from that, they also have a personal life to live and, in the ned, a lot of commitment is required to create a training plan and stick to it. While you may not want to train exactly like an Olympic athlete, they certainly have a few habits you should pick up to reach your own diet and fitness goals. Here are ten of these habits:

1 - Rest Is Important - Kassidy Cook, USA, Diving

Rest is important because it restores the body and the mind so that you have the mental and physical strength to face another day

Source: Hearstapps

2 - Watch The Nutrients You Eat - Novak Djokovic, Serbia, Tennis

Try to focus on healthy whole foods from your breakfast to your dinner. Djokovik starts his day with some oat meal, seeds, coconut oil, nuts and fruits. Note that there aren’t any dairy products here.

3 - Get Quality Sleep - Michael Phelps, USA, Swimming

Sleeping enough hours is not enough. Phelps aims for quality sleep. Keep the room dark, cool, and stay away from electronics when you go to bed. Enough quality sleep is better than just enough sleep.

4 - Visualize Your Goals: Carli Lloyd, USA, Soccer

Visualizing your goals is important because it motivates you up towards them. Whether these are simple goals or far more complex ones, visualize them each day and you will have the motivation to work towards them.

5 - Sleep First - Usain Bolt, Jamaica, Track and Field

The Jamaican sprinter knows very well that many people put work first before sleep. This is wrong. If you want to achieve greatness, you need to sleep first and work later.

6 - Keep Records - Eliud Kipchoge, Kenya, Running

For you to know your progress, you must track your efforts. Do not just do things. Track your achievements and compare them to see where you can improve and get better.

7 - Be Confident In Yourself - Claressa Shields, USA, Boxing

Attitude is very important in life. If you believe in yourself, nothing can faze you. However, make sure you don’t cross the line between confidence and arrogance. It is only when you have self confidence that you will be able to achieve something.

8 - Play Is Important - Simone Biles, USA, Gymnastics

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. Don’t bury yourself in work or in whatever you are doing. Try and also make some time for play and leisure. This is a very important balance that successful people need to strike.

9 - Be Grateful - Katie Ledecky, USA, Swimming

Even though sometimes you may not achieve whatever you had in mind, always remain grateful and positive.

Source: NBC Sports

10 - Never Skip Your Breakfast - Misty May-Treanor, USA, Volleyball

The breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day and you’d do well not to skip it no matter what happens.

There you go, these are the ten habits that you must learn in order to succeed the way Olympians have done for so many years.