Source: The Tech News

The world we live in today has made major progress in technology. Isn’t it nice to just walk into your home and say “Alexa, play some music” and your favorite jam starts to play. Smart devices are even going beyond making our lives more convenient. We are seeing a new push by innovators around the world to develop an ecosystem of interconnected smart devices that could totally change the way we interact with technology.

In such as a vibrant modern world of advanced and sophisticated devices, it’s easy to assume that it can’t really get better than this. Well, perhaps it’s true. Maybe, after all, we have finally reached the climax of tech innovation. Nonetheless, let’s also not forget about the “dumb” stuff.

The popularity of smart devices has been growing steadily over the last few years. A survey done in 2017 showed that at least 15% of all households in the US had smart devices installed. This was relatively higher compared to the 10% recorded a year earlier. Despite these smart ideas that seem to be taking the world by storm, there are a few low tech devices that work almost the same or better than the smart devices.

A Wristwatch vs. Apple Watch

A wristwatch is better than an Apple watch when it comes to battery life. Source: Everything iCafe

The Apple smart watch has been very popular recently and many have bought it. But the old traditional wristwatch is still better. The Apple watch can consume the battery really fast. This is because every time you lift your wrist the watch senses that you want to know what the time is. This wakes up the screen. Although Apple designed this feature to save the battery, it actually does the opposite. After all, just because you are lifting your hand doesn’t mean that you really want to know what the time is. A traditional wristwatch that shows the time constantly is a far more superior option, especially if you don’t care about the extra features that the Apple watch has.

An Alarm Clock vs. Amazon Echo Spot

The Amazon Echo Spot has a camera, which isn’t the best feature for something in your bedroom. Source: YouTube

The Amazon Echo Spot is a smart version of an alarm. It wakes you up to your favorite songs. But there’s one problem with it. There’s a built-in camera for video calls. It’s good to have such a feature no doubt but the last thing you want is to have a camera-enabled device on your nightstand. It’s a huge privacy breach even if the camera is turned off. The old traditional alarms are so much simpler and better.

Paper vs. Tablet

The feeling of reading or writing on paper is unmatched by modern technology. Source: Postcard Rus

Nowadays, you can write anything you want on a virtual paper or even read books using your tablet. It’s an evolution that most young people are enjoying but we all love to touch the pages. There’s nothing wrong with reading a book on your tablet but the feeling you get when you roll over hard pages is unmatched.