It’s the first time Eddie Murphy poses for a photo with all of his children. Source: Movie Web

Eddie Murphy has posed with all his kids for the first time. The family picture was shared by Bria Murphy, Murphy’s eldest daughter aged 29. The picture also featured Murphy’s newborn baby with partner Paige Butcher. Murphy, who is now 57, is depicted in the picture with his long-term partner and Australian fiancée who is now 39. She’s curdling their one-month-old baby named Max. The couple also has another older child Izzy Oona. The girl was born two years ago.

The post has grabbed the attention of a lot of people on social media. It was shared on Boxing Day, and it has managed to get over 23,000 likes. There isn’t a lot to say though about the photo. Its caption reads “Merry Christmas” but for most fans, it’s indeed fantastic to finally see Murphy’s entire family in one photo. The latest addition into the family, the newly born Max, was also given the middle name Charles after Murphy’s late brother Charlie. Charlie passed on in 2017 after a long battle with leukemia.

The photo comes right after Mel B’s controversial statement. Source: Fox News

The rare family photo also comes a few weeks after Mel B controversially claimed that Eddie Murphy was the love of her life. Mel had an on and off relationship with Murphy. She conceived her first daughter Angel after a short romantic relationship with Murphy back in 2006. Murphy refused to acknowledge the pregnancy at the time though saying that he felt Mel had tricked him into it. But over time the two did mend their relationship and are now able to be in their daughter’s life although they are not together.

Reports also note that Angel is now under the legal care of Eddie Murphy after Mel suffered from a freak accident recently. She’s still recovering and it seems Murphy is now taking care of their daughter. Mel fell down the stairs breaking several ribs and severely injuring one of her hands. She was scheduled to go on a book tour later this year but that has since been called off.

He is considered one of the greatest stand-up comedians of all time. Source: This is Insider

Eddie Murphy is considered by many as one of the greatest stand-up comedians of all time. He has appeared in numerous shows too during his career. Although a lot of fans who follow him closely knew that he had a big family from various relationships, we had never seen them all together. However, after the tenth kid was born, it was bound to happen. Not many people get to ten kids and it’s definitely a milestone that needed to be shared.

Murphy himself didn’t share the family picture but there’s no doubt that he gave consent to his oldest daughter to do so. The family picture is now trending online and you can check it out on Instagram anytime. Eddie Murphy has been involved with four known relationships since the early 1990s. His romantic engagement with Mel B was the shortest though. All his ten children featured in the family photo are from these four relationships. It’s not clear whether more kids are on the way but it wouldn’t be a surprise.