You don’t have to join a gym to get fit. Source: Linesh Jose

Fitness is becoming an important lifestyle choice for many people today. However, our first instinct when thinking about exercising is to go to the gym. Applying for a gym membership is good but you need to have that extra level of commitment in order to get there and train each day. Besides, some of us are very busy people. We travel a lot and we can’t go work out in a gym two or three times a week.

But it’s actually possible to have an intense workout at home or wherever you are. You won’t need any equipment. Your body, gravity, and movement will be enough. According to celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza, when you have limited time and a very busy schedule, resorting to short high-intensity workouts involving cardio, strength training, and core exercises can have great results.

Ramona Braganza developed a 10-minute, full-body routine. Source: Business Insider

Braganza’s work out routine is very simple and versatile that you can do it practically anywhere. It’s a 10-minute full body routine

Here it is:

  • Standing abs crunches for the first minute
  • Strength training for three minutes involving tabletop heel taps, diagonal leg extensions, and the glue bridges for one minute each.
  • One minute of jumping jacks
  • Strength exercises for three minutes. Side plank raises, wall flatteners, and Supermans for one minute each.
  • One extra minute of skaters for cardio
  • A final minute of standard plank for the core

This is basically a 10-minute workout that’s intense and effective. But there are also other great ideas to work out without gym equipment. These ideas are actually from people who run gyms and fitness centers. Natasha Lucero-Conklin, co-owner of the Sopris CrossFit gym in Colorado shared with us a few outdoor workout routines. The workouts are simple and intense. They are designed to provide quick fitness results without having to go to the gym on a weekly basis.

Here are four workout routines:

Workout #1

  • Eight running sprints for 50 meters with two minutes of rest between each sprint
  • Take 10 minutes to rest when you are done with sprints and then move to 20 air squats, 20 push-ups, and 30 hollow rocks.

Workout #2

  • A 5-mile run
  • Take 15 minutes to rest and then complete as fast as you can 15 rounds of; 15 air squats, 5 dips, and 10 pushups.

Workout #3

  • 400-meter sprints for four rounds. Rest for 30 seconds between each round.
  • Rest for 6 minutes after the sprints and complete sets of burpees, sit-ups, and push-ups.
Outdoor workouts are designed to build muscle and cardiovascular endurance. Source: Face and Body Care

These outdoor workouts are designed to build muscle and cardiovascular endurance. They can also help with agility. However, in order to really maximize the results, intensity is needed. It’s all about pushing yourself to the best of your abilities. The small breaks between each workout will help you regain strength before you move to the next exercise. This will probably be a little harder for beginners but the more you keep at it the sooner you will be able to go through the entire workout routine.