Launching a new dating app may prove beneficial for the social media giant. Source: My Joy Online

Facebook announced two months ago in its F8 developer conference that it would launch a new dating app on its platform. The company is now looking to test the feature. The testing will be done internally with employees. Details of this testing phase first emerged on Twitter through Jane Manchun Wong. Wong is an independent app researcher and has often been right with Facebook new releases. Facebook later confirmed the test with a number of online news outlets.

The company said that the new dating product is available only to Facebook’s US employees for now. The social media company said that the goal of this test is to understand the end-to-end user experience and also remove any bugs and confusing UI. This doesn’t mean that Facebook employees will use the app to find their love. It’s just a test of its operations and how it works. The employees have also been asked to use fake data to fill up their profile for this purpose. The data will then be deleted once the dating app goes public.

Much like the original launch, it begins internally first. Source: George Britton

It’s also important to note that just because the app has begun testing internally doesn’t mean it’s close to going public yet. A huge percentage of products in the tech business are often killed immediately after the testing phases. We don’t think there’s any reason why the dating app shouldn’t be exposed to such a risk.

Facebook wants to become a dominant player in the dating industry. At the moment, the industry is dominated by a number of companies such as Match Group which owns Tinder and OkCupid. The threat that Facebook poses to these companies was better exemplified when Match Group lost nearly 17% in stock market value immediately after Facebook announced it would enter the dating business.

Trying to compete with other dating apps might prove difficult. Source: Spilled News

The Facebook dating app will be completely different and independent from Facebook and its social media model. Users who want to use it will have to create a new profile and fill in new personal data afresh. You will also have the chance to make your profile visible or invisible. Users who wish to meet people can make their dating profile visible to people attending a certain event. Your profile will only be visible to the people who are attending the event. The social media company says that its app will deliver a completely different approach in online dating. Unlike competitor apps in the market that largely offer an online dating experience, Facebook is putting more emphasis on the offline experience.

The app is all about meeting real-life people in real-life events. The company feels that this will be very important in helping people connect and build long-term relationships using the app. We don’t have any clear timeline on when this app will launch or whether it will launch at all. A lot of analysts have been skeptical about Facebook’s ability to attract users to the dating app, especially after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. But the company is forging ahead and the internal tests are an indication that Facebook has a plan to get the product out very soon.