Every family has picky eaters, and to be honest, there is nothing more satisfying than leaving the dinner table happy with what you’ve seen your family eat. There are a few recipes that can always give everyone in the family a big smile after dinner and help you feel appreciated as the master chef in the household:

Chili Shrimp with Ginger and Garlic

Source: Once Upon a Chef

The recipe is borrowed from The Splendid Table’s “How to Eat Supper” guide and it’s actually very easy. Start by bathing Jumbo shrimps in salty, sweet and spicy brine. Use a lot of fresh ginger to sauté as well as some garlic. Your family will love it.

30-Minute Asian Beef Bowls

The best thing about this dish is not just the fact that it’s a great family pleaser, but guess what? You can make in a grand total of about 30 minutes! Besides, the ingredients needed for the food can be easily bought in any local supermarket.

Grilled Chicken Fajitas

Here’s another example of a simple recipe that is easy to make. The great thing about this recipe is that the prep work can be done before dinner so that once everyone is home, the only thing you need to do is grill the chicken. It’s ideal for a casual dinner party too.

Beef With Some Broccoli

You won’t need to put a lot of work in this. Some tender steak and broccoli will do the trick for you and yours.

Baked Penne With A Touch Of Ricotta, Spinach, And Fontina

If you want your family to enjoy some veggies or green food then here you have this as a great option. It’s a simple recipe that can be prepared fast. In fact, it will only take you 20 minutes and everyone will love it.

The Italian Meatloaf

Source: 77 Easy Recipes

Meatloaf is fun to eat and you can consider them as one giant meatball. Your family will love the Italian meatloaf. If you can serve it with some Italian salad too and a touch of mashed potatoes, you will definitely win the hearts of everyone.

Sweet And Spicy Chicken Thighs (Broiled)

The chicken thighs are delicious and will be made using a sweet and tangy honey glaze. They are actually not as spicy as they will look so everyone in the family can have a bite and enjoy.

Tortilla Crusted Tilapia

Kids aren't always big fans of fish, are they? But you can entice them into eating fish by preparing it with this crisp coating. This recipe is just ideal for kids of all ages and it won’t take much of time to prepare.

Lasagna with Sausage

Not everyone loves lasagna but when you add a quick sausage Bolognese twist then it will be just perfect. For picky eaters, this will break new ground. It’s just that amazing.

There you go! These are some of the best recipes for great family dinners. They are all simple to make, take less time to cook, and the ingredients can be bought in the supermarket near you.