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Privacy, security, and individual rights: those are three factors you're going to need to pay attention to if you want to survive in the digital age, and the preservation of individual rights is now under siege by an intelligence coalition known as the Five Eyes alliance.

This article delves into the alliance's aggressive campaign against encryption and explains why it poses a significant threat to democracy. Keep reading.

The Five Eyes Alliance

The Five Eyes alliance – formed by Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and United States –, has launched a campaign against encryption, a vital component of digital privacy, serving as a safeguard for sensitive information against unauthorized access and threats.

However, the campaign endangers people's online safety and privacy.

Its Crusade Against Encryption

Acting on the belief that weakened encryption will help fight crime and terrorism by providing better access to information, the Five Eye's intentions might be noble but misguided.

The dire issue is that weakened encryption opens a door not only for governments but also for malicious elements, potentially leading to an increase in cybercrime and identity theft.

Therefore, governments and people worldwide must recognize the fight against encryption as more than a tech issue, but something that questions the fundamental rights of citizens and the principles of a democratic society.

Weakening encryption essentially means the erosion of the rights of individuals, posing a threat to democratic societies globally.

The Implications Of Anti-Encryption Policies

Here are some of the severe implications of all that.

  • Anti-encryption policies may undermine encryption in essential services
  • Communication service providers will have to scan messages before they are sent
  • Companies will have the obligation to bypass encrypted communication services
  • Moreover, there is guaranteed to the government an unprecedented power to stifle advancements in communication security

The ramifications extend beyond simple privacy violations, because they lean in favor of surveillance agencies, magnifying the worrying trend of surveillance started by the Five Eyes alliance.