Over 10 million users logged in to watch the show. Source: CTV News

Fortnite is by far the most popular video game in the world right now. The video game hosted a virtual performance and what happened next gave us an early glimpse of what this future cultural phenomenon could look like. The 10-minute virtual concert attracted more than 10 million Fortnite players. The concert was performed by EDM star Dj Marshmallow.

This was the first ever live performance for the game and it’s safe to say that it was a huge success. It’s also evidence that players are interested in much more than the game itself.

So far, Fortnite has a total of 200 million players around the world. The basic mode pits 100 players against each other in a fight for survival. The game also brings new social and competitive events for players to enjoy away from the game. There’s also a new creative mode designed to help users craft their own experiences. Fortnite is not just a place to play but also a platform to socialize with friends and the huge number of players.

It’s unclear whether this sort of event will happen again, but considering the amount of people it brought to the game, it probably will. Source: BBC

The way the virtual concert was organized was actually very interesting. It was designed to happen inside the game. Players had to gather around “Pleasant Park”, a static location in Fortnite. They were there to watch the performance and dance to the music. If you visited the park a few days before the concert, you would have seen the stage being built slowly. These are the kinds of small details that have actually made Fortnite feel like a real world.

On the day of the concert, the game’s developers released a special mode that made it impossible for people to shoot at each other in the concert area. A lot of the players who tuned in for the event actually noted that this was the first time they had experienced a concert even if it was virtual. There were also dozens of players and their parents who shared videos dancing to the music.

The concert was about 10-minutes long. Source: Business Insider

Whether this was a one-off experiment or something that Fortnite will do on a regular basis, it was clear that a lot of players were really interested. Pulling in 10 million players at one go was way beyond the expectations and it will be interesting to see what the game does next. Nonetheless, one thing is clear, the game will continue to win over hearts all over the world.

Fortnite is mostly played by teenagers and so far it has been widely accepted by parents -- altough the game focuses on eliminating oponents, it’s presented in a lighthearted non-violent way. The game’s cartoony aesthetic also helps in that regard.

The game was released in 2017 by Epic Games. It’s available on a wide range of platforms including Nintendo Switch, Android, Windows, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Macintosh, and the game is free in all of them. It comes with three distinct game modes and anyone can play from anywhere in the world.

So far Fortnite has amassed a huge following over a very short period of time and it doesn’t look like this will stop anytime soon.