You sacrifice a few of your wants so that your kids can have their "wants." Then, you come home one night and see the school report card. To your dismay, you only see a line of bad grades. It's enough to turn even the most cool-headed father into a hot-headed fire-breathing dragon.

The next logical thing to do is instill a punishment. But, how do you do it? Maybe you don't like the idea of "grounding" your kid. After all, too much stick and no carrot is bad parenting. If you are lost for ideas, then you might want to check out this dad for creative inspirations on how you can encourage your kid to work on those grades.

Source: Daily Mail

So, during the Cavaliers vs Hornets game last Friday, something interesting popped up in the spectator seats. While you frequently see a lot of signs that say "Go Cavs" or "Go Hornets", what you don't normally see is something like this:

"Thomas, get your grades back up, and next time you'll be here... Love, Dad".

But, Dad wasn't finished. He placed a crying emoji at the very end.

Yep! We are not even kidding. This actually happened.

If you are wondering if dad and his sign got some screen time, they did. This is according to a Reddit user who posted a screenshot of his TV screen with the dad and his encouraging sign.

Now, you might find this funny and maybe too harsh, but let's step back a bit. This actually took a lot of effort and planning.

First, dad had to craft the message. You can't write a message that’s too long. Otherwise, you'd end up with a lot of words and a small font, making your message less visible. You can’t also write a message that’s too short, or you might end up with something that's vague or boring.

Then, Dad needed to load his photo editor. Let's not forget the fact that he also needed to download that crying emoji, which means he had to Google the right image with the right resolution. Let's be honest, nobody wants a pixelated image, even if it's just an emoji on a sign.

Source: Scary Mommy

After the image and the text were ready, Dad still wasn’t done. He probably drove to the nearest FedEx to print out a large banner sign. After all that, Dad had to go through the hassle of carefully handling the sign with care while he wiggled from the main entrance to the seat. After all, everything would be a waste if the sign got damaged and crumpled.

Thomas, if you ever read this, understand that your father loves you dearly that he went through everything just to prove a point.