Google increasing ads on gmail

Gmail, one of the most popular email services, is reportedly increasing the number of ads that it shows to its users. While ad content was previously easy to distinguish from regular emails, the new ads are now being embedded in users' inboxes, which makes them difficult to recognize.

The change and the new style of ads appear to be gradually rolling out to some users across all Gmail interfaces, including mobile and web access. However, those using alternative email clients, such as Apple's Mail app or Outlook, will be unaffected.

Why the Change?

Gmail has relied on ads to support its revenue stream. The increase in the number of ads could be an attempt by Google to earn more profit from the email service. However, this move may not sit well with users, especially those who are used to seeing ads positioned in a separate section of the inbox.

Impact of the Change

The new style of Gmail ads will make it difficult for users to distinguish between regular emails and ads. This could lead to users accidentally clicking on ads, thinking that they are clicking on a regular email. Additionally, this move could prompt users to switch to alternative email clients to avoid the ads.

Staying Safe Online

In other news, verified Facebook accounts have been targeted by hackers to spread malware. Users need to be cautious of suspicious links and messages to stay safe from such attacks. The latest leak of the Pixel Tablet includes details such as specs, pricing, and on-sale date.

After all, being cautious of suspicious links and messages can help users stay safe online, not only on Gmail but especially on Facebook right now – when hackers are targeting verified accounts to spread malware.