Google’s new calendar design as seen mixed reviews. Source: Tech Crunch

Google Calendar is one of the many products offered by search engine giant Google. The company stated that it redesigned the calendar’s look last year in order to offer desktop users a better experience. The redesign has had mixed reactions ever since it became available. Some people don’t like it while others are actually intrigued by what Google has done.

However, your opinion will no longer be important in the few weeks ahead. Google will upgrade your calendar to the new look and this is something that you have no choice on. It’s simply mandatory! A statement released by the search engine giant confirmed that G Suite administrators who signed up for the Rapid Release plan will be upgraded to the new design from January 8th. The statement also noted that users who had signed up for the Scheduled Release plan will be upgraded on January 15th.

The new calendar design will be a mandatory upgrade. Source: Android Community

Google said that anyone who doesn’t want the new user interface will be able to choose the old option, but in a limited timeframe. The search engine company notes that opting-out is only available until February 28th. After that, all users will be upgraded whether they like the new design or not.

It’s not a common practice in the tech industry to force users to adopt a product upgrade. Many people liked the initial UI for the Google Calendar and the new look doesn’t really excite us. But it’s very likely that Google did its homework. The decision to force people to upgrade must be based on rigorous market research and a deeper understanding of what Google Calendar users need.

The mixed reactions could die out once everyone gets used to the new UI. Source: Google Play

The mixed reactions so far could die out once everyone settles in with the new UI but there is no doubt that this is a big gamble for the American tech giant. However, it is also important to note that the revamped user interface is basically one part of the calendar. Google has made many other changes that you should look forward to. The redesigned look shouldn’t be the only thing that catches your eye.

For example, there are new features in place that will make conference room bookings easier and more convenient for users. You will also be able to apply rich formatting to calendar invites thanks to the new upgrade. This will be a big plus for people who have been looking for more customization.

But there is no doubt that the old UI still has its fans. Its compact view, for example, is a big selling point. Once the mandatory upgrades are done, this will be one of the features that we will miss the most. But at the end of the day, it’s all about value. Google feels that the revamped calendar adds more value to the user experience and there is evidence to suggest that. It will be wrong for us to judge the new UI without giving it a test at least for a few weeks. Nonetheless, we are definitely looking forward to other features too.