For someone who is just three years shy of hitting a hundred years old, the idea of an electric car may not seem as something simple as it would be for a 30-year-old or even a 20-year-old.

The world has come far in terms of technology. From the age of coal to now the new age of rechargeable electric cars, it seems the sky is the limit.

But have you ever stopped and wonder how a 97-year-old would react to a futuristic Tesla? Well, the 97-year-old grandpa was quite impressed when his nephew Zac Carmi showed him his Tesla. The happenings of this full event and the reaction of the grandfather have been well captured in a video which is available online. It’s a great thing to watch and what makes it such a lovely video is the simple fact that Carmi’s grandpa now has a sneak peek of what could easily be the future of cars.

This 97-year-old grandfather reacts to his grandson’s new Tesla. Source: Jalopnik

Here’s what happened:

In the video, Carmi introduces the car to his grandpa and they both enter the car and speed away. In what appears to be a fun and light moment, as the car accelerates with speed, grandpa is like “You need a parachute to drive this thing.”

He compares it to a plane, not sure whether it’s because of the speed or the size but then again, who cares, it’s a Tesla electric car, it’s breaking new ground and setting the trends in the automotive sector. We suppose grandpa knows to show respect where respect is due.

It seems grandchildren are always showing off new technology to grandparents. Source: BGR

It’s not really strange to have the younger guys show off new technology to their old grandparents. For me, I recall showing off my Atari 800XL to my grandmother and she was really amazed. But upon a closer look, maybe it was more of bemusement rather than amazement.

After all, there’s a very thin line between the two and you wouldn’t expect grandma or grandpa to walk it. But I still stick with amazement.

If I was 90 years old and my grandson would show me a new piece of modern technology, I would certainly be amazed. As Carmi and grandpa speed down the street, they appear very happy. Grandpa reaches to the screen on the dashboard and turns the seat warmers on. He turns on the AC and is clearly enjoying the ride.

The grandfather seems to really enjoy riding in an electric car. Source: YouTube

Finally, he is able to see how the charger works and alas! It seems he is now moving at pace with the rest of the world as far as modern electric cars go. This nice video is simply a showcase of how the old and the new can interact for the future. Although it’s likely that Carmi’s grandpa will not on his own drive an electric car, it’s a clear indication that indeed the world is really looking forward to an age where you won’t need gasoline to drive from one place to another.