Finland is at the top. Source: David Wolfe

Happiness, and the pursuit of it, can mean different things to different people. This is the main reason why quantifying and measuring the level of happiness can be so hard at times. But the Happiness Research Institute has find ways to gauge the feeling of happiness and just the other day they released their annual ranking of the happiest countries in the world. The report features a total of 156 countries, and here are the top 10:

1. Finland

For another year running, Finland has been ranked as the happiest country in the world. The country which has a population of 5.5 million people was, in particular, ranked high in terms of the generosity of its people, low corruption, and high GDP.

2. Denmark

Denmark, another Scandinavian country, comes in at second. The Danes have actually gone up one spot compared to the previous year. The ranking is based on excellent life expectancy and a very small wealth gap.

3. Norway

Iceland is also on the top 10 list. Source: Visit Norway

It seems like Scandinavia is dominating this list and coming in at third is Norway. This small nation has been described at times as the most beautiful country in Europe. Last year it was ranked second and first in 2017.

4. Iceland

Iceland is seen as one of the most equality driven countries around the world. It has low taxes, free healthcare, and a very good education system. The country’s landscape is breathtaking and it’s the destination of many tourists.

5. Netherlands

The Dutch are known to be relaxed and welcoming people. Their unique lifestyle has seen the country ranked fifth in the list of the happiest nations on Earth. Freedom and pace of life are two areas where this country is doing great.

6. Switzerland

The country attracts many people due to the thriving economy. Source: Travel Triangle

In 2015, Switzerland was ranked top in this list but has continually fallen off the wagon. But things are not all that bad thanks to a thriving economy, high life expectancy, and very easy tax codes that attract even the wealthy to relocate there.

7. Sweden

Sweden comes in seventh simply because of its strong social support programs. There is also high life expectancy. The country has jumped one position compared to the rankings released last year.

8. New Zealand

New Zealand seems to be holding steady for the eighth spot for a second year running. This far-flung nation in Oceania has outstanding landscapes. It’s only the second nation out of Europe to rank in the top ten list.

9. Canada

Canada is the second country outside of Europe to be on the list. Source: CTV News

Canada is the other country outside Europe to also rank in the top ten list. The second biggest country on the planet has benefited from high life expectancy and a strong social support system.

10. Austria

Austria wraps up the top ten list. The country has very good social support and its citizens enjoy a lot of freedom too. Its capital Vienna is also considered to be the most livable city in the world.

Well, in case you want to have a happy life, these ten countries would be perfect to live in. The ranking keeps changing each year but most of these places have always been in the top ten.