Hurricane Irma left the Caribbean suffering from huge damages and losses. It then hit Florida with strong winds running 130 miles/hr. Approximately 2 million households don’t have power, according to Associated Press. Meanwhile, 6.5 million people were ordered by the officials of Florida to leave their properties, making it one of the biggest emergency evacuations in America’s history.

Hurricane Irma destroyed countless homes and buildings. Source: Huffington Post

Before Irma's touchdown on US soil, it left almost 1 million people without electricity in Puerto Rico. It also destroyed almost all the buildings and structures on St. Maarten and Barbuda. It wreaked havoc on the Caribbean islands. National Hurricane Center labeled Irma as one of the strongest hurricanes that have ever been documented in the second largest ocean in the world. 25 people were confirmed dead and the numbers keep on rising by the second.

As for the rest of us, we can do so much even from the comforts of our homes.

Here is a guide on how you can help the victims of Hurricane Irma:

Help the Victims Rebuild Their Homes

You can help rebuild the homes that were destroyed by the hurricane. Source: Business Insider

Hundreds of residents of Puerto Rico lost their homes due to the storm. A lot of people are still stranded and left without any electricity. ConPRmetidos, a local non-profit organization, is raising money in order to rebuild the houses in the Caribbean islands and provide aid and relief to the victims of the hurricane.

Have Your Home Listed on Airbnb

Homeowners in northern Georgia, southeast and northwest South Carolina, and the Florida Panhandle can have their homes listed on Airbnb so relief workers and evacuees will have a roof over their heads. If you are from the area, mark your property available on the Irma page of Airbnb until September 28, 2017.

Support US and Caribbean Relief Efforts

A non-profit, faith-based organization that's currently based in Missouri, Convoy of Hope, is sending water, food, and other supplies to the survivors of Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean islands and in the US. The organization is also continually supporting Texas which is still suffering Hurricane Harvey's aftermath. By typing "IRMA" and sending it to 50555, you can donate $10 to Convoy of Hope's Hurricane Irma response.

Donate to the Wildlife Center of South Florida

Even animals - wild and domesticated - suffered at the hands of Hurricane Irma. Source: Animal Ethics

People weren't the only ones who suffered the wrath of the hurricane as many animals have been orphaned and injured as well. You can support them by donating to South Florida's Wildlife Center based in Fort Lauderdale. The Wildlife Center is the highest-volume trauma center, rehabilitation facility, and wildlife hospital of the nation.

Donate to Florida's Disaster Recovery Fund

Irma flooded the cities of Florida and left them without electricity. The official disaster recovery fund of Florida, Florida Disaster Fund, accepts donations for recovery and response efforts. It also released a list of available resources online including open shelters.

Word of Caution

Scam artists emerge after massive disasters. Before you donate, make sure you check the credentials of the organizations. You can do this at GuideStar or Charity Navigator.