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To be honest, what's there not to like? They made shopping for furniture a fun experience. Furthermore, you get a lot of stylish designs to choose from, and the price is just right. And yet, like everything else, there's always a downside. In IKEA’s case, it's the dreaded assembly.

While some people are just naturals when it comes to assembling IKEA furniture, the vast majority simply doesn't have such talent. Thankfully, IKEA never stops innovating, and they have recently introduced a new solution that can definitely help the "furniture-assembly impaired."

Introducing IKEA's EKET series. To start off, you can think of it as the bend and snap from Elle Wood. Except, in this case, it is for furniture, and you'll be doing more of a "click and snap." Yes, to assemble your furniture, no more screws, screwdrivers, and all of the fuss is needed. You only need to snap pieces together just like LEGO bricks. It's that simple.

For now, IKEA is offering such technology for the EKET series storage units. You can mount these useful storage units on the wall or simply place them on the floor. IKEA's new technology is based on "wedge dowels." With this new technology, assembling and disassembling furniture will be a breeze. Or, in this case, a snap.

Exciting as this new solution might sound, it's actually not the first time IKEA introduced such a revolutionary system. The "wedge dowel" made its first appearance back in 2013 when IKEA launched the LISABO table series. Thanks to the "wedge dowels," the LISABO tables can be put together and disassembled without using any tools. It seems that IKEA is starting to incorporate the new solution to other furniture. This is exciting news for people who love IKEA products but are not a fan of the assembly.

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The central idea of the "wedge dowels" lies in the small and ribbed protrusions which are installed in strategic spots of the furniture. These protrusions will fit the other furniture part's pre-drilled holes. You only need to insert a protrusion to a hole, and then slide it until it "snaps" into place.

Not only does a wedge dowel make assembling very easy, but it is also designed in a way that metal fittings are not needed. Another added benefit of the system is that it makes your furniture very portable.

Are you planning to go to the beach? Then you can simply slide and pull out the parts of your favorite chair, pack them in the back of your car, and assemble them at your favorite spot. You will be doing all this without the need for a screwdriver or any kind of tool.
IKEA also announced that they are planning to roll out more furniture that incorporates the "wedge dowels." A lot of people would surely be waiting for those.