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Airbnb was launched back in 2008 and over the years it has been in operation, it has helped to connect travelers with cheap, beautiful, and comfortable rentals. As we speak, the Airbnb site has at least three million listings and operates in over 65,000 cities in 191 countries globally. However, even though the website makes it easier for people to access cheap rentals, there have unfortunately been many scams. People have lost money and in order to ensure this doesn’t happen to you, we have created a list of five simple Airbnb tips to keep you safe.

Make Sure You Are On The Real Airbnb Site

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Let’s start with the most obvious one of them all. If you are going to find a cheap rental for your next vacation then find it on the real website. The biggest challenge today is that scammers have become smarter and fake Airbnb sites may look very similar to the main website. Don’t be fooled with this. Just check the URL and make sure it begins with “https”. The ‘s’ simply means that the website is encrypted so any data shared through the platform will be secured.

Do Not Wire Money To A Host Ever

Airbnb has an established payments page where people can make payments for rentals. It’s the safest way to pay without any risks. If the rental owner you are talking to asks you to wire the money or perhaps pay outside the Airbnb website, then something is awry. This is how many scams start and if you make the mistake of sending the cash, you are likely not to hear from the rental owner again.

Communicate Inside The Airbnb Site

Just like with the payments, the Airbnb website has also created channels where customers and rental owners can communicate. Make sure that all the conversations you have are done through these channels. In addition to this, keep your eyes open when any communication from Airbnb comes through your email. Make sure the email sender’s ID is the official Airbnb email before responding to anything.

Be Careful When You Vet Hosts

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When you are renting an Airbnb you’re going to be staying with your host for a few days. The last thing you need is a poor experience. Make sure that the host has a detailed and well written bio. They must have positive reviews from other customers who have used the same facilities. Hosts with superhost badges will do. These are basically hosts who have hosted guests for at least 10 times in a year with an approval rating of over 90%. You can never go wrong with them. Don’t forget to talk to your host and see whether there are any red flags to be worried about. Ask as many questions as you can.

Understand the Refund Policy At Airbnb

Finally, it is also important to have a clear understanding of the refund policy at the Airbnb site. Even though the platform has made it possible for many people to access quality accommodation facilities, there are many cases where things don’t go according to the plan. Always make sure you are eligible for a refund in case such things happen.