The launch was part of an April Fools’ teaser. Source: Yahoo Finance

Impossible Foods has announced that it will be partnering with Burger King in an effort to launch the Impossible Whopper. The Whopper will run a testing program that will start today in 59 Burger King outlets. This is not the first time that Impossible Foods is trying to launch innovative meatless burgers. The company had pioneered a new burger with the White Castle. The meatless burger is a non-meat delicacy for people who are vegetarian or those who want to cut down on beef.

However, the Impossible Whopper will actually be different from the White Castle. The details about it are very sketchy but we still know a few things about it. Impossible Foods declined to comment on whether it intended to roll out the Whopper countrywide. The launch was part of an April Fools’ teaser that was released by the company. However, as it turned out, there was actually some truth to the video.

It will feature a plant-based burger patty. Source: EWN

The Impossible Whopper will feature a flame grilled plant-based burger patty. It will also have some lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, and onion toppings. And before we forget, customers will also enjoy the mayo and the ketchup. It’s very likely that the Whooper will be based in one region. After all, it comes a few months after Impossible Foods debuted the Philly Cheesecake. The cake is made using plant-based products and it’s exclusive to Philadelphia.

Talk of a nationwide rollout for the Whopper is definitely premature but if Impossible Foods decides to follow the same trend, the product will be limited to Missouri where it’s currently being tested. The main focus for the company has always been to create plant-based substitutes to everyday foods. In the video teaser released to announce the Whopper, Impossible Foods demonstrated that it was actually possible to enjoy the same beefy taste without eating the beef.

They want to offer the same taste of the whopper, but without any beef. Source: Engadget

The video featured a number of Whopper fans who have been eating it for years. Many in fact noted that what they loved most about the burger was simply the meat patty. According to the teaser, each of them was served with the Impossible Whopper that features the plant-based patty and they couldn’t tell the difference. This is the kind of effect that Impossible Foods is going for. Whether it can replicate it in other foods in the long term is an entirely different matter.

The company has also managed to see some measure of success with other similar products. For example, its meatless burger developed in partnership with White Castle has become a hit. The burger is, however, not available across the country. The Philly Cheesecake too has earned a good following of fans and lovers. The product features Impossible Foods’ synthetic plant-based meat. The company has partnered with Questlove from the Tonight Show to launch in Philadelphia. A lot of people are becoming wary of what they eat. Plant-based meat substitutes definitely have a market and Impossible Foods is trying to take advantage of it.