Instagram launched an alpha testing program. Source: Lifewire

Instagram has launched an alpha testing program on iOS and Android. The program is designed for people who want to test pre-released versions of upcoming features. Instagram says that users will be able to use the program to test new features and changes on its platform.

However, it’s not the first time that the social media platform is launching a program like this. For a number of years now, the photo-sharing platform has been running an Android beta program for pre-release testing.

Instagram says that the account switching feature as well as the multi-photo posts all debuted on the Android program. However, the alpha version will be significantly different. Instagram is confident that it will make it easier for users to get involved in pre-release testing. In addition to this, the company will also provide an opportunity for interested users to test various concepts and features that rarely get to the public eye.

Despite all this, the alpha program is not yet official. It was first reported on the site Android Police. The website says it stumbled upon a post from an Instagram employee on Reddit requesting willing participants to join the program through a shared link. The Reddit post has since been taken down.

There are a lot of people already enrolled in the alpha program. Source: Tech Crunch

The alpha program was launched two weeks ago but Instagram has not officially released this information to the public. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if there’s a big number of users already enrolled. A statement released by Instagram confirmed that the program exists but they can’t give any information about it. The statement also noted that the program will work alongside the Android beta version. Instagram’s intention is to use the two programs to collect feedback from the community.

For most people who understand a thing or two about testing programs, the way everything is playing out at the moment is not unusual. This is because testing programs are not highly advertised. Although they are not a secret, the programs are simply launched and run in a low key manner. This could actually explain why news of this Instagram alpha program appears to have caught many people by surprise.

The alpha program will provide crucial feedback for Instagram. Source: Digital Trends

People who intend to join beta and alpha groups will need to find specific joining links. The links are rarely posted for everyone to see. Nonetheless, the alpha testing program is a great idea from Instagram. Those who have already signed up will have a chance to experience firsthand new features and concepts that the photo-sharing app might launch in the future.

The same will also be the case for those who are already enrolled into the beta testing app for Android. Instagram has been making a number of key changes on its app in the recent months in a bid to improve user experience. Getting regular feedback is very crucial for the company and the two testing programs will help a lot.