Instagram is releasing new features in an attempt to stay more modern and be more like Twitter. Source: 9to5 Mac

Instagram has been testing an array of new features recently. The photo-sharing platform will roll out these new changes in the coming weeks. However, there are a few interesting ones that have caught our attention.

The official “regram” or “repost” button is definitely worth looking out for. The regram button will basically work like retweets on Twitter. If someone regrams a post on Instagram, you will be able to see it on your timeline. There will be an indicator on the side that shows the person who regrammed the post. The same will also apply if you regram something. It will show up on the timelines of your followers. Regramming photos is not a new thing though. Manual workarounds can be used to regram. Additionally, there are also a few third-party apps that help you do this. However, the process is too hectic and somewhat limited to tech-savvy users. But Instagram is now changing things for the better.

Trying out new app features and seeing what sticks. Source: Business Insider

There are reports that the social media platform is also beta testing these new features on its iOS app. Although the beta app for Android has existed for quite some time, it’s only now that plans to launch an iOS beta app are starting to take shape.

Instagram is also launching a “Close Friends” list feature. The feature will give you the power to choose who sees your posts. At the moment, the posts on your timeline are seen by all your followers. However, the “Close Friends” feature will allow you to send some stories to your closest friends or family only.

Integration with WhatsApp is another useful feature. Instagram will now have a “Share with WhatsApp” button. This will allow you to share your Instagram posts on WhatsApp too. Sharing Instagram posts on the instant messaging platform has always been a difficult and hectic workaround. With these new changes, it will just be a matter of two or three clicks.

The line between Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram continues to blur. Source: The Sun

From now on, the photo-sharing platform will also allow you to archive your stories. Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. But now the videos and photos can be saved easily on the camera’s roll before they disappear.

You will be able to follow hashtags on Instagram too. Traditionally, you can only follow people. However, if there are interesting stories coming from an event or a place, you can follow the hashtag associated with the event to get all the information you need on your timeline.

These are basically some of the top changes we think will redefine the user experience on Instagram. But there is one mysterious thing we haven’t cracked yet. Instagram will have an “add coffee” feature. The option will appear when you want to share a post on your feed. We don’t know what it does or how it works. Hopefully, it will be a pleasant surprise once it rolls out.