Lego is known to produce the most delightful and eye-catching ads around. And recently, the company started a brand new theme for their advertising with Ogilvy Bangkok behind the ads. From concept to execution, it seems that Lego just scored another home run on ads!

Kids’ science field dream-career: astronaut! Source: Pop Sugar

In fact, the new advertising theme from Lego just gathered numerous awards during the Cannes festival, which happened last month. In the “Print & Publishing (Outdoors)” category, Lego's advertising won three Silver Lions, while in the "In Design" category, Lego's ads won a Bronze.

If you’ve caught one of Lego's ads, then you must have realized that it's beautifully designed and very well thought. The ads revolve on kids building their future careers using Legos, while also being inside their Lego creations. Each ad also features a short but potent tagline - "Build the Future"!

Everybody looks up to firemen, so this advertising strategy has it all! Source: Pop Sugar

According to Lego, the ultimate goal is to inspire kids to think creatively. The company firmly believes that "playtime" is a key element that can greatly impact a child's growth and development, and when pairing such creativity with systematic thinking, a child can reach his or her full potential. According to Nopadol Srikieatikajohn, the vice chairman of Ogilvy Thailand, a high-quality playtime lays a strong foundation for a child that would prove to be useful during the adult years.

In addition, he said that in order to communicate this belief to consumers, they had to turn the idea into something visual. Still according to Srikieatikajohn, they settled on a child building its dream career using Lego blocks - each Lego symbolizes the child's development, which slowly grows bigger as the child gets closer to its dream career.

The work developed with these ads to impact the consumers is making a huge success! Source: Pop Sugar

Ogilvy Thailand employed the expertise of Illusion, a Bangkok-based art firm, to create the striking pieces through 3-D illustration. Each of the ads was also designed with a special lighting element that closely resembles the working atmosphere - the space lighting for the astronaut girl, the concert lighting for the rock star boy, and the fire-like lighting for the firefighter boy.

Ogilvy Thailand has chosen three careers they believe would pique the curiosity of children. The agency also chose "dream careers" in different fields, like the astronaut in the science field, the rock star in the arts field, and firefighter in the social services field.

According to Ogilvy Thailand, they have plans of building the characters in the award-winning ads using actual Lego blocks, as a way of making a more striking impact for consumers and also as a way of extending the success of the ads.

As of the moment, the award winning ads of Lego are being continuously rolled-out in billboards in major cities in the United States and the UK. However, the brand is planning to display the ads in billboards in the world's major cities in a very near future. With such beautiful designs and a thought-provoking message, they’ll surely catch everyone’s attention! Ultimately, Lego hopes that the ads will pull more sales while inspiring parents and kids in the process.