Lil Jon saves Christmas with his new track. Source: New Nation News

Christmas songs will always be on the playlist. Although we all love different kinds of songs, there are some that just sweep us of our feet, even though we didn’t know we needed them. Well, with only a week remaining until the big day, Lil Jon decided to hit the studio and drop a new festive track. As if your Christmas list wasn’t full already, this one is definitely worth your time. The 46-year-old rapper is known for his rowdy style, and even in this new song, that style comes out very clearly.

The song is called “All I Really Want for Christmas” and it’s a delightful merger between the funk of hip-hop and the feel-good vibe of the festive season. Plus, the video is great fun to watch.

Lil Jon has collaborated with the Kool-Aid Man and dances around with the popular jug of fruit punch that we have all come to love so much. They even pull out some Kool-Aid man cookies from the oven later in the video and open presents for each other. Not a surprise though that Jon gets the Kool-Aid Man Christmas sweater.

The lyrics to the song are also quite catchy and even though the rowdy nature of Jon’s style is still something unique, it’s still truly about Christmas. So far the response has been quite good. Since the video release, the Internet has literally gone crazy. Many see it as the ultimate Christmas collaboration. Some are even going as far as saying that Jon and the Kool-Aid Man saved the holiday.

A number of rappers have been doing their best to also get in the Christmas mood with a few tracks of their own. Lil Jon is certainly not the only one. We have already heard tracks from DMX, Gucci Mane, Fetty Wap, the Westside Connection, Ying Yang Twins and even Jim Jones. All these songs have one thing in common. They were very catchy to listen to. Some of the other rappers who have released Christmas-themed songs include Chance the Rapper, Run DMC, Kanye West, and Jeremiah.

The odd colaboration with Kool-Aid Man massively paid off in a fun Christmas song. Source: Flipboard

Lil Jon has been active in the charity scene too. In fact, just recently, the 46-year-old rapper partnered with Pencils of Promise to open a school in Ghana. This is his second school in the country and is expected to help at least 313 children in a remote village in the Western African country. According to a CNN report, Lil Jon donated $70,000 to fund the project with his own money. The school opened in October this year almost a year after the first one started operating.

It’s not just about rap and showbiz for Lil Jon. It’s also about giving back and nothing symbolizes the festive mood than offering a helping hand. The video to the new song featuring Kool-Aid Man is now available on YouTube and other streaming services. Give it a watch. It will truly be worth your time this Christmas!