Keto diet was the most searched diet of 2018. Source: Worry Free Health

People all over the world are becoming more and more self-conscious of what they eat. As the need for a longer and healthier life grows, turning to healthy diets seems like an inevitable thing. Well, when it comes to dieting, the options are endless, and in 2018, it seems people were busy searching for the right food and the right diet for their health goals.

Here are ten of the most searched diets on Google over the last 12 months:

1. Keto Diet

This is not really a surprise given how popular Keto diet was in 2018. This diet is a counterintuitive macronutrient breakdown that tends to keep your carbs intake very low. However, fats are quite high at nearly 80% of the total calories needed in the body. The Keto diet has helped people lose weight fast but there are still concerns among health experts about its potential long-term effects.

2. Dubrow Diet

The Dubrow Diet became a bestseller on Amazon. Source: Mom Trends

The Dubrow diet was first introduced by celebrity couple Heather and Dr. Terry Dubrow. The book was released quite late in 2018 but has still been able to rank as one of the best sellers on Amazon. It talks about a plan called “interval eating.” It’s more or less like intermittent fasting.

3. Noom Diet

The diet program is based on the app Noom and according to the creators it’s designed to help Millennials with weight loss. It helps users track meals, exercise, and also access motivational materials to keep going.

4. Carnivore Diet

As the name suggests, the carnivore diet is all about meat. It’s eating meat all the time. This diet became very popular with celebs and influencers on social media. Some say that eating meat only has helped them cure various conditions including depression and arthritis.

5. Mediterranean Diet

This is not entirely a new thing. It’s been here for a while but the diet plan is designed to help you increase fruit and vegetable consumption as well as additional legumes, olive oil, whole grains, fish, and moderate amounts of dairy and meat.

6. Optavia Diet

The Optavia diet was established by Medifast. It’s a company that creates a line of food products that can be used as meal replacements. It provides shakes and bars as well as simple grab-and-go foods that are also healthy.

7. Dr. Gundry Diet

Dr. Steven Gundry, a thoracic surgeon, helps you to cure your need to overheat. It argues that since we’re programmed for survival, overeating is a response that comes naturally to us. His book claims to help people reduce the risk of diet-related conditions and lose a few pounds quick.

8. Fasting Diet

Intermittent fasting was all over social media this year. Source: Kaa Yaa

This was one peculiar trend because it was all about “not eating” rather than “what to eat.” There’s research though that suggests short-term fasting can lead to weight loss.

9. FODMAP Diet

This diet is largely made for people who suffer from digestive problems such as bloating and irritable bowel syndrome. It says it can help you cure these issues by following a new diet.

10. The Shepherd’s Diet

This diet is biblically inspired according to the authors. It features a 7-step system for weight loss and takes a lot of cues from some of the diets followed by biblical figures.