Kevin Spacey was fired from “House of Cards.” Source: Vulture

Netflix has officially fired Kevin Spacey from the TV show "House of Cards." Kevin Spacey is also the executive producer and the main star of the series.

According to a recent official statement by Netflix, they are no longer involved with Kevin Spacey and any production of House of Cards that includes him. Netflix added that they are currently working with Media Rights Capital to evaluate the future of the show.

Netflix is also canceling the production and release of the upcoming film "Gore," which was already in post-production. Kevin Spacey is the executive producer and the main star of the movie.

Netflix also cancelled the production of the movie “Gore.” Source: India TV News

"Gore" is a movie about the legendary writer Gore Vidal. The production team just recently finished shooting.

The production company behind House of Cards stated that Kevin Spacey is now under investigation for allegations concerning sexual harassment. While the investigation is still ongoing, they have suspended Kevin Spacey and the suspension is effective immediately. MRC also confirmed that they are working with Netflix regarding the future of House of Cards.

As of the moment, Kevin Spacey is facing sexual harassment allegations by several men. The issue turned for the worse when reports came in that a few of those men were minors when the alleged sexual harassment happened.

According to reports, eight men who have worked on House of Cards accused Kevin Spacey of sexual harassment.

Netflix made this decision after sexual assault allegations came out against Spacey. Source: Spectator

According to Kevin Spacey's representative, they are carefully evaluating the situation at the moment. There are also reports that Kevin Spacey's publicist and agency have dropped him altogether.

The entire fiasco started when Kevin Spacey released a statement confirming that he is "gay." This was probably a surprise for some, but it didn't stop there. During the same statement, Kevin Spacey made a formal apology to Adam Rapp for making sexual advancements in the past. At the time of the incident happened, Adam Rapp was only 14 years old.

However, this is not the first time that Netflix has announced the halting of House of Cards. Before the sixth season finished production, Netflix already made a statement that it would be the last season.

Since Kevin Spacey plays a huge role in the House of Cards, firing him from the show is a bit tricky. At the moment, producers are leaning towards killing Frank Underwood, the character played by Kevin Spacey in the House of Cards series.

House of Cards is a political thriller. It's a reboot of the BBC miniseries during the 90's with the same name. The TV show is very popular and it has been well received by critics.

That's the most difficult part about House of Cards: almost the entire series is carried by Kevin Spacey's shoulders. Without him, House of Cards probably won't have the same popularity it enjoys today.