Alexa is a very popular home model, and Apple is seeking to expand on that. Source: Business Insider

Amazon held a private event today where a series of new Alexa devices were unveiled. The retail giant has been making some headway in developing new hardware as demand for such devices continues to grow. During the event, new and exciting Amazon Echo devices were revealed but that wasn’t all. Amazon also unveiled an amp, a clock, a camera, and a microwave. The company also revamped a few other devices to give them a more refreshing look.

First, Amazon launched a brand new, louder Echo Dot which is a very popular home assistant. The device which has been sold in the recent months at heavily discounted prices is getting an upgrade. The speakers will be 75% more powerful. The design has also been updated to look sleeker, and Amazon will also launch an Echo version for your car. The device which will be called Echo Auto will allow motorists to access hands-free voice controls while driving, and will sell for $50. It can play music, call people, and shut off any appliances that may have been accidentally left on.

There are several new devices, as well as a new microwave that can be accessed by voice. Source: Kopitiam Bot

Echo Sub is also another hardware offering from Amazon to look out for. Although it looks like a giant HomePod, its design is not really the most important thing. The Echo Sub will bring bass to your sound, and can be paired with an Echo Dot to develop a very reliable sound system. Although such bass speakers exist, Amazon wants to undercut the competition in this market with better technology. The Echo Sub will be selling for $130.

Amazon has also been looking to try its hand in the TV world. As a result, the e-commerce giant is launching a live recording Fire TV Recast. The TV is specifically designed to work hand in hand with Amazon Prime Streaming but it will include several other features too.

There’s also a new Ring security camera. Ring is an innovative home security system that has been selling worldwide. Amazon acquired the company last year and has introduced a new feature called Stick Up Camera. The camera can be installed indoors or outdoors and it can also work as part of the Ring home security system. The price for this device will be $180.

Apple is trying to include more home appliances that Alexa can hook into. Source: Wired

Amazon will also give you the chance to buy an Alexa Microwave. This looks like an unnecessary product but the e-commerce giant has decided to test the waters with it. The microwave will be known as Amazonbasics and has Alexa controls and Dash button functionality. You can ask the microwave to add a few extra minutes through your Echo or give it other commands. Surprisingly, despite the outlandish nature of this product, it’s very cheap and you can make it yours for just $60.

The Echo Plus is also getting an update. The most notable thing is the fabric redesign. There’s also a new feature on the Pro Echo that will allow you to give offline voice commands. The device will be selling for $150.