The feature is expected to be available in a few years. Source: The Driven

Technology, especially in the car industry, has advanced a lot. However, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is bringing something new to this industry - the ability to summon your car from anywhere in the world using your phone. This is not something possible yet but the Tesla CEO thinks that people will be able to do it in a few years. Tesla does offer a feature on its cars that allows users to move the vehicles forward and backward with their phones. If you have parked in the wrong spot, you can actually move your car to the right parking slot from your office before you get a parking ticket. But doing this from a long distance will be the biggest achievement for Tesla.

The idea has many challenges and it’s not clear yet if Tesla will put in place restrictions or regulations on how people summon cars from a long distance. Tesla is also working on additional features that give users more control over their cars using their phones. Musk said a few weeks back that a new software update on the Tesla cars will actually allow people to drive their cars using their phones in certain situations. The update could make it possible for the car to drive automatically on its own towards your phone. In essence, the vehicle could follow you like a pet all over the place. The update is expected to arrive in six weeks. It’s an update on the AutoPark app, a feature in Tesla cars that offers drivers parking assistance. The app can automatically identify free parking spots and park the car accordingly.

Tesla is also launching a new autopilot feature. Source: You Story

The new updates also come on the heels of a new autopilot feature that was just recently launched. The feature is called Navigate on Autopilot. It can help determine when it’s time to change lanes, navigate transitions in highways, and even take the right exists for you. The feature can also control the car to stay in one lane and control its speed based on the surrounding traffic. The Tesla’s autopilot feature has been ranked second in the market behind the Super Cruise system offered by Cadillac. It’s a huge selling point, especially now that the popularity of semi-autonomous cars is on the rise. The Tesla feature was ranked very high on ease of use, capability, and overall performance.

Based on the optimism shown by Musk, Tesla isn’t really that far away from this invention that may be a game changer in the industry. Source: Electrek

Adding the ability to summon the car from across continents will be a big invention from Tesla. The company has been dealing with its own issues but so far it has done very well to produce top of the line cars. The additional features like AutoPark have increased the appeal of Tesla cars and the ability to summon your vehicle across continents will only serve to strengthen this. The exact timelines of when we expect the new feature to be ready are still unknown. But based on the optimism shown by Musk, Tesla isn’t really that far away from this invention that may be a game changer in the industry.