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Both of them knew how to fulfill their dream: by serving churros.

However, they have to be innovative. What can you do with a deep fried, slender pastry to make it more unique?

For the siblings, the answer was to put more “sugar and spice, and everything nice.” Meaning, they were thinking about adding cereal, ice cream, and cookies.
The Fountain Valley Nguyen siblings called on Jed Cartojano, a friend and marketer, to open this wonderful pastry shop in Little Saigon, Westminster. The three of them decided to name it “The Loop: Handcrafted Churros.”

According to Cartojano, Orange County’s dessert scene is just insane. He believes that in order for a pastry shop to be successful, they have to figure out all the best ways to Americanize churros. Then also to put a unique spin on them. As of this moment, food places that are thriving are all about customer customization.

“The churros that we can buy are mostly sold out of a food cart. I believe that we are among the very first people who opened a shop that focuses on selling churros solely… in Orange County, at least,” said Cartojano of Westminster.

Minh Nguyen said that churros have been getting increasingly popular in Asian countries including Singapore and South Korea. Because of this, they were inspired to open their shop “The Loop.”

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The churros at The Loop are 14 inches long. They are shaped in loops and you will have the option to dip them in flavors such as matcha, Nutella, strawberry, or caramel for $3.50. What’s more, they can be coated with a mouthwatering sweet glaze. To make your churro even better, top it off with food like crushed Oreos, almonds, and Fruity Pebbles. Each coated and sprinkled churro costs $4.50.

If you happen to have a bigger sweet tooth, don’t fret because you can add a vanilla soft serve with your customized churro. So far, the combination costs $5.50. The mix has been The Loop’s best seller because of the heat in California.

Loan Nguyen said that they wanted to serve customizable churros because most people love their churros to be sweeter. They want to give the people of Orange County what they have been waiting for. For those that don’t want churros that are very sweet, The Loop can cater to them as well.

In The Loop’s drink section, Thai tea, coffee, and Jasmine iced tea are also sold.
At night, people line up just to have their sweet tooth satisfied. The shop is at Bolsa Ave. and it’s open until 11 PM on weekdays and midnight on weekends.

“In Orange County, people love late night desserts. Still, we are always busy throughout the day,” said Cartojano. Most people wait in line for about an hour. People line up because they know that the churros at The Loop are worth the wait. You can even think of it like you are waiting for a Disneyland ride.