Some phrases should never be said at work. Source: Entrepreneur

Being professional at work is something we always strive to do yet we rarely put any effort into it. What you say at the workplace and how you say it matters. It can tell people whether you are serious or not. Choosing your words carefully is therefore important.

There are phrases that send a message of inexperience and lack of commitment. These are actually very common phrases and regardless of the context in which they are spoken, they will create a bad impression on the people you are working with.

Here are some of these phrases that you must avoid at all costs:

“It’s not my fault.”

The last thing you want is to sound whiny and blameful at the workplace. This phrase creates that impression. Even if it’s true, no need to say it. Everyone can see it’s not your fault. But always own up to the things you do.

If things go wrong, don’t be quick to jump out of the ship. Instead, focus on solving the problem at hand and making sure it doesn’t happen again. Making mistakes is allowed because it’s part of the learning process but you shouldn’t make excuses or blame others.

“What’s in it for me?”

Most organizations are all about teamwork. Teams build success and that’s an integral part of modern corporate culture. The moment it appears as if you only care about yourself and what you get out of everything, then your value to the team will be seen as zero. Corporations and other organizations will not tolerate a self-serving and individualistic person and the phrase “What’s in it for me?” could land you in trouble.

Saying “I can’t” at work makes you look like you lack confidence. Source: Monster

“I can’t.”

No one is able to do everything in this world. However, you should at least try. If you are constantly saying you can’t do this or you can’t do that at the workplace, what your colleagues will be seeing is someone who lacks confidence or someone who is too cowardly to take any risks. You really don’t want to make that impression. Instead of saying “I can’t,” how about you give it a try first.

“I can’t work with him/her.”

It’s important to always try to get along with everyone at the workplace. Do not throw tantrums if you are asked to work with someone. It comes out as immature and highly unprofessional. There will always be conflict at the workplace but you must learn to deal with it without necessarily getting personal. Remember, everyone has something to offer and you can never be dismissive of anyone.

Always think before you speak while at work. Source: Career Builder

“I will try.”

Trying is good if it involves doing. Just saying “I’ll try” without following it up with some action is not good enough and it creates the impression that you are trying to avoid something. Instead of plainly saying “I’ll try,” maybe just say “I’ll take care of it”.

These are some of the simple phrases that can wreck your career without even knowing it. Make sure you avoid them as much as you can.