Young smiling woman next to a miniature of a house

Brazilian urban development has been leading to a robust real estate market, with specialized startups flourishing everywhere in the country. Led by innovation and technology, this sector shows a compelling opportunity for those who wish to invest in the country's growing companies.

In this guide list, 5 of the most promising real estate startups are gathered for you to get to know their path on Brazilian soil – and beyond. Start reading and find out more.

1. Loft

Founded in 2018, Loft is a Brazilian startup in the real estate sector that utilizes technology in all its operations, innovating this traditional market. It presents a complete service that aims to help real estate companies grow and people buy and sell property.

Present in all states of Brazil and also in Mexico, its services include a platform for rent without a guarantor, as well as financing and home equity, a sales managing system, property pricing data intelligence, and a marketplace.

2. MySide

MySide is a real estate startup that searches for the property the client wishes for and assists in the entire purchase process through its expertise as the first Personal Property Shopper in Brazil.

The message is clear: the company is on the buyer's side. Since its foundation in 2019, it is the approach from the buyer's point of view that makes MySide stand out in the market, offering services in price negotiation with sellers, assistance with bureaucracy, and financing, bringing to Brazil a model of negotiation that has been proven successful on American soil.

3. Housi

Housi is a startup that began operations in 2019 intending to offer on-demand housing for people who want flexible, online rent without the usual bureaucracy involved. The concept that the company presents is innovative: smart living for people to save time for themselves.

For Housi, the living experience should guarantee the convenience of having everything nearby, and that is why the goal is to become the “Netflix of housing”.

4. Yuca

Yuca wants to make rent less complicated for its clients, offering thoughtful and integrated services, online leasing, and ready-to-move-in locations. Also created in 2019, this proptech is focused on the neighborhoods of the great city of São Paulo, which makes its service super specialized.

Since its foundation, Yuca has defended the basics: convenience and technology to make living and moving easier.

5. Lastro

Lastro is a startup of real estate portfolio management with a specialized platform that optimizes property management, centralizes information on contracts, and automatizes the charging and paying cycle.

The goal of the platform is to offer simplified services to real estate fund managers, individual owners, or real estate companies. Lastro was founded in 2021 and has recently developed a ‘ChatGPT’ of the real estate market, called Lais (Lastro Artificial Intelligence System), which is free and answers all questions about the sector.

With a developing economy and a growing urban population, Brazilian cities become a real estate potency. The startups listed here are a sample of what this market has to offer in terms of opportunity and innovation and represent not only one but five real motives for you to invest in.