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Every year, Red Lobster features a promotion dubbed as the "Endless Shrimp." As the name suggests, you can have all the shrimp that you can possibly gobble for only $21.99. Two skeptical shrimp-loving reporters, Jane and Hollis, tested the limits of Red Lobster's promotion. Most importantly, they tested themselves on how much shrimp they can consume.

Here are the highlights of this near-legendary food challenge:

The plan was to sit through breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The idea is to consume 100 shrimp each. Also, they wanted to know if there's a time limit for such shrimp bonanza. After calling in and speaking to management, there was no such limit.

Red Lobster increased the size of the shrimp by 47% as a way of combating some complaints about sub-par shrimp size. Also, Red Lobster doesn't just give you one type of shrimp dish. In fact, they give you a menu that features different dishes that are included in the "Endless Shrimp" promotion.

So, the two reporters embarked on their culinary journey. Holli ordered the peppercorn and parmesan shrimp as a start. Jane on the other hand, had a plate of garlic-Sriracha grilled shrimp and shrimp scampi. At the end of the first round, the two had consumed 27 shrimp.

During the 2nd round, a mythical figure walked in, the waiter Vince. He regularly takes part on the "Endless Shrimp" challenge every year. At the end of round 2, the two reporters chowed down a total of 43 shrimp.

During round 3, Jane and Holli tried different shrimp dishes on the menu. In this round, the two reporters finished 58 shrimps.

For round 4, the two reporters tried all the shrimp dishes that are included in the "Endless Shrimp Madness." According to the reporters, they liked each and every single shrimp dish. In this round, a total of 72 shrimp had been consumed.

By the 5th round, the reporters had stayed so long in Red Lobster that they already had a good idea on what's on the music playlist. The total shrimp consumed by the end of the 5th round was 82.

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During the 6th round, a coworker appeared, as he was concerned about the status of the two reporters. The three then appeared on the Facebook Live feed of Business Insider. By the end of the 6th round, the two just passed the 100 mark, consuming a total of 102 shrimp each.

In the 7th round was where the human limit of shrimp consumption was tested. Shrimp Madness is a real phenomenon, and it was setting on the two reporters. The two battled on and consumed a total of 126 shrimp.

In the 8th round, techniques and methods made a difference. By only consuming the Shrimp Scampi as it was light, lean, and delicious, the two finished a total of 142 shrimps by the end of the round.

During the 9th round, spirits were waning. Thankfully, a secret dish popped up compliments of the manager to help them power through. The Coconut Popcorn Shrimp helped them finish 195 shrimp.

The final round finally arrived.It was all about mind over matter. Thankfully, the two reporters miraculously finished. Total shrimp consumed for that legendary day totaled to 235. When these reporters see food, they eat it