Samsung has announced a new technology that can fully charge a cell phone in 12 minutes. Source: Moreax

Speeding up charging on smartphone batteries is one of the key areas that major smartphone makers have focused on recently. As a result, the charging technology has improved significantly. The current fast-charge technology will allow you to fully charge your smartphone battery in an hour. But Samsung is taking things to another level.

Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology has confirmed that it has developed a fast-charging technology that can charge a smartphone battery faster than ever before. The technology can also be used to charge electric vehicles. According to the announcement, the new fast-charge technology will allow you to charge your battery to full capacity in only 12 minutes.

Graphene atoms are 100 times more efficient in electrical conduction than copper. Source: The Droid Guy

Samsung says that the technology will have a single layer of graphite carbon atoms. The atoms are also known as graphene and they are 100 times more efficient in electrical conduction than copper. The single graphite carbon atom layer will also have a massive advantage in transferring energy. Samsung says that the layer can transfer energy 140 times faster than silicon. Silicon is one of the key elements used in lithium batteries.

Although the drastic improvement in charging speed could be a huge leap for the Korean smartphone maker, there are other benefits too. Samsung believes that the technology could actually improve battery life in mobile devices and electric vehicles. However, it’s not yet clear how the technology affects the battery’s longevity. Nonetheless, the convenience it might bring to smartphone users could be massive.

For people who are always on the go, fast charging is a life saver. With Samsung’s technology, you only need twelve minutes and you will have a full battery on your phone all the time.

The new technology can also be used for charging electric cars. Source: Tom’s Guide

Fast charging is not a new concept in smartphones even though the normal charging still exists. Based on the current technology, fast charging in most smartphones will get you 50% battery power in 30 minutes.

Smartphone users are hoping that the new Samsung technology will roll out as soon as possible. Sadly, we are not yet sure when it will be available. At the moment, Samsung has confirmed that it has already found a way to mass produce the technology at a relatively affordable price, and this is very good news.

But there could be other factors that may affect production. Samsung has not released a lot of information about this so it’s very hard to really know what to expect. Nonetheless, if the technology works as advertised, it will definitely be a great invention for the smartphone industry.

Besides, its application goes beyond mobile devices to also cover electric vehicles. How Samsung is doing this still remains a mystery. However, the company is one of the biggest smartphone makers in the world so we shouldn’t be surprised. It’s also not the first time that Samsung is pioneering momentous technology in the smartphone market. The company has done this many times before.