The director confirmed they will make changes to the design. Source: Movie Web

When Paramount Pictures released its first trailer for the upcoming live-action Sonic film, a lot of people were angered by the sight of a disturbingly lanky CGI version of Sonic the Hedgehog. There was immediate backlash from fans around the globe and it seems the creators of the movie are taking notice. In a tweet, Director Jeff Fowler assured the fans that the team working on the movie has heard their complaints “loud and clear.” Fowler also confirmed that they will be making changes to the design of the Sonic character. The tweet ended by adding that everybody at Paramount Pictures and Sega was committed to making sure the character comes off based on what fans expect.

Since the trailer first came to light, many fans have expressed their disappointment with the depiction of Sonic. Some have even edited the trailer and included the changes that they think better represent Sonic Hedgehog. Some of these edits have gone viral doing rounds on Twitter and other social media platforms. The idea to upgrade Sonic’s look was designed to expand his appeal to include adults. But since some of the adults looking forward to the film were actually kids when they interacted with the character for the first time, there’s some sentimental value in making sure that the character looks as original as possible.

It’s a good thing that they took the backlash into consideration. Source: Express

The backlash comes as Warner Bros is getting praise for an adorable upgrade of another beloved video game character, Pokemon Pikachu. Unlike with Sonic the Hedgehog, many fans of Pokémon appear to love the changes made on Pikachu. The hope right now is that the changes being proposed by director Fowler will cover the expectations of most fans. It will, of course, be hard to listen and incorporate the views of everyone. After all, there are probably millions of opinions and ideas as to how Sonic needs to be depicted in the movie. The fact that Paramount Pictures and Sega have taken into consideration the backlash before the film comes out is a good thing. It means the film creators can play around with various ideas and test them out online before the premiere. It’s also a nice way to build some buzz and publicity around the movie over the next few weeks.

It is inevitable that the film’s release date will be delayed. Source: TechCrunch

People who are familiar with the matter believe that a new redesign of Sonic will actually involve less human teeth. In addition to this, there are some reports that suggest that Paramount Pictures could actually change the entire design of the character. If indeed this is true, then it is inevitable that the film’s release date will be delayed. Sonic is currently scheduled to hit theaters on November 8th just in time before the festive holiday season. Pushing the film back could have a lot of financial implications for the creators. Fowler didn’t confirm whether they are doing a complete character redesign but it seems like the creators of the movie have a lot of work to do. The sooner they get the job done the better it will be for the movie and all its global fans.