The plan is targeted towards couples. Source: Engadget

Spotify has started to test a new subscription plan that will be known as “Premium Duo.” The subscription will offer customers two premium subscriptions at the discounted rate of €12.49 a month. The new plan will also be featuring a new playlist called “Duo Mix” that will actually auto generate based on your overall listening habits. A premium Spotify subscription normally costs €9.99 a month for one subscriber. Premium Duo will provide an opportunity for decent savings for couples and roommates who want to share their Spotify experience.

However, same as with the family subscription package, Premium Duo subscribers have to live in the same address. Spotify will require your address as part of the sign-up process. The current family subscription lets up to six people to share one single plan for just €14.99 a month. Despite its good intentions, the family package has become quite problematic for Spotify over the last few years.

Spotify has had a number of problems with their Family plan. Source: The Verge

The music streaming platform notes that people have abused the system and signed up to share one account even though they are not family members or related. Spotify has actually been sending emails to family subscribers to verify their address in an apparent move designed to cut down on this abuse. This is the main reason why Spotify will want subscribers of the new Premium Duo plan to give their address.

Once you are both signed up, the streaming service will give you access to “Duo Mix”, the auto-generated playlist that works the same way as other features such as Discover Weekly and Daily Mix playlist. As you continue to listen to music, Duo Mix will be upgraded with additional suggestions of songs that Spotify thinks you will enjoy.

However, if you’d rather listen to playlists that you have created on your own, the new plan will allow you to do so. In addition to this, you will also get “Chill” and “Upbeat” options when you are using the mobile app. These options allow you to switch between songs of different tempos. The Premium Duo plan will also have a “Shared Playlists” feature. It lets you share your playlists with your partner in just one simple click.

The plan will also feature shared playlists. Source: Android Pit

The new plan is not yet available for all Spotify customers. The company is currently running tests in five markets around the world. They include Chile, Ireland, Colombia, Poland, and Denmark. The goal is to make the plan available in all markets over the coming few months.

Spotify’s family subscription package is very popular. It seems many users wouldn’t mind sharing accounts in order to save money. However, the streaming service failed to verify family subscribers at first. This meant that friends who were not family and not even living in the same place could access songs on the platform at the discounted fee. Spotify is getting stricter with the Premium Duo. The company is hoping that the promise of more savings will be an incentive to get more people to sign up for a paid subscription on the platform in the near future.